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Bosch 18V Brushless Combi & Impact Driver Twin Pack + 3 x 2.0Ah Batteries £109.98 + Free collection @ Toolstation

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

• Torque 28 to 55 Nm
• No-load speed: 0 to 1.800 RPM
Impact driver:
• Torque 200Nm
• Impact rate 4000 Bpm
• No load speed 0-3400rpm
• Includes: 3 x 2.0Ah batteries, charger and L-Case
Toolstation More details at Toolstation
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    NJHGFDEH 5% off code!
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    That’s a steal. I’ve had mine several years now and it’s fantastic when a DIY job inevitably crops up to know I’ve got decent tools for the job.

    Don’t forget to register them for a free 3 year extended warranty- bosch-professional.com/gb/…on/
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    Just collected mine and the box states only 2 batteries are included. Is everyone's the same? Still good price but maybe a bargaining chip. If so, get some screenshots of the page whilst you can!
    Mine says 2 batteries on the outside but has 3 off inside. One fitted to each drill/driver and one seperate in the box.
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    I was looking at this the other day not sure which is better, I know these are better value it I don’t know whar is a better model overall

    Bosch Cordless Combi Drill UniversalImpact 18V-60 (2 Batteries 2.0 Ah, 18 Volt System, in Carrying case) amzn.eu/d/b…FC3
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    NJHGFDEH 5% off code.......................just bought.........lost my post?...........code worked...£104.48.....1 left at my local now.........instant ready for collection (all of them now ready):D Sweeter,,,,,,,,,,,, (edited)
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    Got the last one in my local. Always good for odd jobs that need doing. Also 5% off with Blue Light. (edited)
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    I have this drill and driver. They are both excellent. My dad also commented on it when were recently drilling through joists to route a cable. This is a great price. Even the original £190 is actually not bad (similar to what I paid for the 2x 4.0Ah kit). Possibly even a pricing error as the drill alone + 2x4.0Ah is more (at Toolstation).

    Edit: apologies, I misread the latest Bosch prodeals teems. (edited)
    I just tried to claim for a reward but unfortunately they don't qualify for anything, according to the system.
    The terms says as well purchase price has to be £170 inc VAT also.
    Oh well it doesn't matter, the kit is a great deal anyway.
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    Does anyone know how to see which stores have it in stock on the website?
    You can set or change the store you want to look at at the very top of the webpage, it will then also show you a list of the other stores that are near that one you set. Don't think you can just see which of all the stores have them though.
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    Is the impact driver a decent one?
    Yes, brushless and decent power
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    Zero stock anywhere
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    Thanks OP

    show us yours posts needed..........
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    Heat added, thanks OP
    Did I need it? Probably not
    Did I want it? Yes
    Did I buy it? Yes I did!
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    god dammit I did not need a new drill and impact driver but now I have a new drill and impact driver
    You need two.
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    Crazy deal, I sold this impact driver bare tool on ebay a few months ago for £77!!
    Someone bought one from eBay for £104 last Saturday: ebay.co.uk/itm…201

    Which appears to be about cheapest for new bare GDR 18V-200 on eBay... (edited)
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    I actually resisted buying this... For about 5 mins then took the bait.

    Proper good deal this ... 🔥
    I'm still resisting.

    The deal just reminded me I have a spare one of these drills that I got in another super combo deal. I meant to stick on ebay or gift to a family member lol.. never got round to it.
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    I hate this site …..I really didn’t need to buy 2 new drills . My wife is gonna have my pants down for this (and not in a good way!)
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    I have it. This is so crap.
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    There was one last one near me and I wish there wasn’t as I would’ve not bitten the bait… 🤕
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    Great price. I just want the impact driver!
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    Toolstation have some great deals on Bosch power tools right now. More heat.
    Cordless SDS plus 2x5.0Ah for £130 toolstation.com/bos…874

    Epic for anyone who can get one and has some serious DIY to do
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    Ordered. My 10.8V Makita combi + impact set will be going on eBay tomorrow.
    What’s wrong with that one?
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    Appears to be out of stock
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    Just bought some drills I didn't know I needed
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    One in South Shields and one in Benton if anyone from the north east is looking
    I've just bought the last one in the Benton store. Thanks for the heads up!
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    I don't know why but I've purchased this.

    What's an impact driver good for?
    This one?

    Tearing the heads off screws accidentally then swearing at yourself for being so careless.

    Undoing rusted wheel nuts (edit1: with a suitable socket- MUST be impact rated or it may shatter). Edit2: actually note I think the GDR is the version without the 1/2" square socket combo head.

    Generally driving in big screws to wood or basically anything (edited)
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    Was 2 in Norwich Broadland Gate......now only 1
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    I am going to drive 30mins to pick up a drill set I don't really need.

    This place.....
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    Really good deal heat
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    Why buy DIY Ryobi et al when's these beauts are this price. Cheap as chips and a no brainer. Genuine price. Hot OP. (edited)
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    This is an utter bargain for great quality tools. Thanks for posting!!
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    Ok, will these be a good replacement for a mains powered drill? Looking for DIY tools, not for work, but with the odd need to drill into brick etc. (edited)
    They'll be perfect. Still have the drill as a backup to my Milwaukee stuff and can't complain

    Even better if there's other tools in their range that you might be interested in down the line
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    Tempting! ...... must resist!
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    Wow! That's a steal.
  34. Avatar
    Decent price for sure, perfect for home DIY
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    Thanks OP!
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    So close to buying this but got the 12v pair, can't justify it aaaargghh
    The 5% discount code pushed me over the edge, ordered
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    Do I need it, no? am I going to buy it, just brought it!

    Amazingly one in stock at my at my local store to
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    Great price for Bosch Pro. Wish I hadn't recently bought an impact driver otherwise I'd snap this up!
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    Great spot OP
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    Does anyone know which model drill this is?
    Probably the most basic pro model I'd imagine but I'll check in a few minutes
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