Bosch 18v Li-Ion cordless drill 2 x battery £90 @ B&Q
Bosch 18v Li-Ion cordless drill 2 x battery £90 @ B&Q

Bosch 18v Li-Ion cordless drill 2 x battery £90 @ B&Q

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Origninally posted for 99.99 which was a very good price a few weeks back:


Now even cheaper - i found one at this price in Gorseinon n'r Swansea - but i also found out that Merthyr has some, a couple of stores in Cardiff and also Bridgend. So worth phoning around.

Bear in mind something the manager of the local store told me however - he says that the website wont allow you to reserve at store if there is only 1 or 2 left - as its too risky that before they would get to de-shelf the product someone might buy it and disappoint the person who had reserved it.


Very good drill, Very good price.


Yes its a good price, been £90 for a while now managed to get one with the 15% voucher at xmas £76.50

Its a 10mm chuck to make you aware folks.

Managed to bag one myself last week, they had been out of stock for ages and finally got 7 in last week. Now out of stock again.
Also, the Next Day delivery service never have these in stock.
£90 is a very fair price for this drill (even though I wish I had bought it when the 15% offer was on!). You won't get cheaper than this anywhere.


I didn't get it with 15% off but dragged my mother to the store to get a further 10% off. With quidco and my cashback on my credit card I'm down to about £78 approx.

£140+ on Amazon with only 1 battery.


It looks like the B&Q site are simultanously listing the 2010/11 repackaged version which is considerably more expensive with only one battery.


The charger is meant to be the weak link in the package. Its the only part made in china and the contacts are a bit exposed and can become tarnished and fail to connect over time. You might need to use a bit of switch cleaner and a cotton bud to clean them up later on.

Normally battery contacts are hidden away in the area between battery and drill and not exposed at all. Its a weakness in the Bosch design but the repackaged version for this year has the same issue.

The benefit of the Bosch is its an intelligent charger so if your working inside you can rest the drill on the charger so its always topped up, you don't need to seperate the drill from the battery.

I still don't know if the drill features metal gearing or the nylon/mylar type gearing that even Makita use on their bottom ranges. I think its metal as its described as long life planetary gears and its a nice weighty drill but it would be nice to see it confirmed somewhere. With 48Nm torque it really should be. Its a very powerful drill and with hammer action the need for metal gearing becomes greater. An absolutely awesome drill for £90 or less!

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I can echo bonzobanana's comments, I have now had the drill for a week or so, and its been brilliant - yes the smaller battery means that if your going at hard walls (like our stone ones containing cobbles and all sorts of weird things like copper **** blocks...) it will run the battery down faster than if your drill/ driving softer materials and screws, but it charges up so quickly, and also has the spare battery, that its not been a problem - I drained one battery drilling 20 odd 8mm x 3 inch deep holes, in to very hard walls - where I was running at full rpm on hammer for a around 30 seconds per hole, then using the drill to drive in size 10 screws that were 3 inches long in to the plugged holes.

I would say this was pretty good as I should have really reached for the corded drill for this job - but the drill retained full oomph throughout right up to the point the battery protection kicked in and stopped the drill operating and draining the cells too far no tailing off and losing power - and I just chucked in the other battery ad got straight on with the job

I think you would find it very hard to drain one battery before the second was fully charged again. The driving capability is very good also - no issues with stuffing some quite large screws in to the wall and also in to wood with no pilot.

My only slight gripe is the 10mm chuck, but I don't think this is likely to be an issue very often, and it seems to be very secure and reliable so far. I have an older mains bosch which has got a cracked housing so I could switch the key less chuck from that drill over - anyone got experience of doing this?

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