Bosch AQT 3400+ High Pressure Washer £64.99 @ Amazon

Bosch AQT 3400+ High Pressure Washer £64.99 @ Amazon

Found 21st Aug 2017
ok its £5 more expensive that last time but still an amazing deal, I missed out on it then but have just got it now
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wil these take Karcher accessories , ie, nozzles, etc?
I got one of these at the £60 because of the accessories as I have a Karcher that's 15 years old and doesn't have any attachments.

Massive difference in build quality you could throw the Karcher and it wouldn't break, if you throw this Bosch it would break even before it hit the ground.

Made in China and is very plastic and mega light, a strong wind would definitely knock it over and you can easily accidentally pull it over with a slight tug of hose or cable.

The hose adaptor is clear plastic very brittle they make loads off replacing these, its a plastic pump as well and loud.

The Patio attachment is different to the one in the manual apparently its a modification but looks a bit crapper and is fiddly to get the bits together as you have to assemble it and its not a patch on a Karcher T-Racer by a long shot.

Be warned the 90 degree attachment has mad recoil, you would not expect it. Warning do not go into a wheel arch or under car from outside with the unit in action it will take paint off start inside or under and be prepared for the recoil.

Cleaning performance isn't that bad and good at doing a car with the brush must make sure it free of dirt brush isn't quite that soft to use if any grit or dirty present it will roll on the paint work. It's not bad it cleaning conservatory as well, the 90 degree attachment is idea but would recommend a platform and not a ladder when using this.

Overall you get what you pay for, was hoping to sell my Karcher on but am thinking of keeping it just in case as it is a brute and can take a lot of punishment and won't me down.
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