Bosch BGL3ALLGB Compact All Floor Bagged Vacuum Cleaner - £69 @ Amazon

Bosch BGL3ALLGB Compact All Floor Bagged Vacuum Cleaner - £69 @ Amazon

Posted 17th Dec 2015
with so many dropping the bagless and going back to bagged vacuum cleaners, no more poor performance clogged filters - this is Bosch' Miele beater.

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The Bosch BGL3ALLGB Compact All Floor cylinder vacuum offers you the simple, quick and convenient way to clean your homeThe 800w power vacuum with adjustable heads makes light work of all floor types from hard floors to carpets meaning no change of heads saving you time and energy. With a huge capacity of 4 litres you will not have to worry about replacing the bag after every room and every clean meaning less bags and therefore less money spent. Height adjustable metal tubes are durable and versatile ensuring comfortable usage. The crevice tool lets you clean a tight space, whilst the upholstery tool is perfect for fabrics, sofas and delicates. With a 10 meter operating circle you can clean more without having to change plugs and the 360 degree swivel action means easy access around furniture. Finished in blue this compact vacuum is easy to use and the perfect size for storage.

Before I purchased this one I had been using an expensive bagless vacuum cleaner which had become the bane of my existence. It was heavy, parts kept dropping off, the power switched off randomly, suction was awful and my long hair kept getting tangled inside it. I had thought bagless was the future but actually for me it was a lot more hassle!

I already have quite a few Bosch products within my home and they work really well so when I saw this at a good price I decided to part ways with bagless vacuums for good. I am so glad that I did, this vacuum cleaner is incredibly effective. There are so many options out there so for anyone having trouble deciding whether to purchase this model I hope the following information will help.

Things to note:

* It comes with 1 Bosch vacuum bag. These bags are suitable for use with it: Bosch Megaair Super Tex Type G Vacuum Bag, 4 Litre Capacity, Pack Of 4 And Includes A Micro Hygiene Filter For The Motor

* Appearance wise this vacuum cleaner is actually rather attractive. It is compact, curvaceous and shiny! To my eyes it looks more expensive than it actually is. My only concern is that it may get scratched, but so far I have not seen any marks.

* It is SO LIGHT. I can't quite believe how light it is. I am petite and not strong at all but I can effortlessly carry the entire thing up and downstairs. This means that it is great for anyone with back problems, injuries, the elderly etc.

* It has four wheels which makes it very manoeuverable. It will happily follow you around the room as you clean with a 10 metre operating radius.Read more ›
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Brilliant Hoover. Can't find a better one for this budget. Very powerful, compact and stylish plus very quiet.

This is what a vacuum cleaner is...
By SJ on 2 Mar. 2015
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No brainer. Best Hoover for price with top German quality. Easily picks up mess from carpets, wooden floors and tiles. Nice and compact, multi speed, light and easy to move around the house with. Looks smart and sleek and with prime delivered bang on time. If you are in two minds, don't be at this price it's a bargain.
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Reviews look good, its a henry alternative, cheaper and lighter
It's also on ebay at £69 too from a trusted seller but im sure most would prefer to buy from amazon.…197?hash=item5d5d95414d:g:TmMAAOSwYH5WB8dv
this is very good, had for a year now. very compact and light but also very powerful. great price.

with so many dropping the bagless and going back to bagged vacuum … with so many dropping the bagless and going back to bagged vacuum cleaners, no more poor performance clogged filters

What a weird statement, the only reason they are preferring bagged vacuum cleaners is so they can charge you for bags and filters.
I have a Bosch myself, and it is bagless and guaranteed to not need any replacements for life, so 0 additional costs.
Superb performance as well.

I actually posted it as a deal:…164
The vacuum foot has small wheels that break easily. They get clogged on side with carpet hair and wont move often tge thin piece of plastic holding them will snap
Boom u need a replacement. Other wise brill vac
WOW - Arrived today, its brilliant. My Wife thinks Im mad talking about all its usability - Ive had to turn it down to 3 on some surfaces though as its too powerful. Finally a vacuum thats TOO powerful. Bags Ive bought online for £5 for 5, theyre 4 litres so should last well. You can also get one that has a removable bottom so you can reuse it, not tried those yet.
Very pleased I went upstairs and forgot it was still plugged in downstairs, the tubing is also a nice metal and very long so no bending.

Overall really pleased I found it, Ive gone through two broken vax a morphy richards pet pull along, a shark which I gave away cos it was rubbish, and so we need to buy no more. 2 year warranty in the box btw.
PS its sold by Hughs via amazon as per the above ebay offer, bought my Shark from them at a silly low price, great service, really fast delivery.
@NorthantsPete please can you tell me where you get the bags from the 5 for £5 thanks
Still going strong, missus still rolls her eyes at me when she sees how happy i am with it haha

Ebay Simon, bags arrived two days ago. they also do a bag you can empty on there, which seems good as i sometimes cheat and empty my bag a bit too for extra life (theyre not paper - more a cloth mesh)
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