Bosch Car Battery 12V 41Ah £36.67, 12V 45Ah £39.99 delivered @ EuroCarParts Ebay

Bosch Car Battery 12V 41Ah £36.67, 12V 45Ah £39.99 delivered @ EuroCarParts Ebay

£36.67eBay Deals
Found 1st Nov 2016
No codes. Much cheaper than on their main site.

s3 - 3 s4 - 4 year warranty.

Advantages of the Bosch-Batteries S3 - S4

PowerFrame technology: higher starting power, longer service life
100% maintenance-free. Thanks to minimal water consumption the battery requires no servicing throughout it's life.
Maximum safety
twin backfire protection guards the battery from sparks
during shipment, transport, handling or tilting. Sealed battery cover design means no acid can leak.
Easy transport and installation by means of ergonomic handles.
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voted hot, if your not bothered about it being Bosch and eurocarparts aren't having a sale (sometimes this has been known to happen) check tayna batteries. I find they are normally cheaper.
do you think this would work as a cheap and cheerful solar light project?
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Though now I get annoyed with the endless amounts of emails from them!
Brought the Bosch Battery (S4 Battery 063 4 Year Guarantee) £37.12 in April from there website with free delivery.
They currently have 25% off on the website use PAYDAY25 at checkout
I was thinking about solar use too? What (not too large) panel would I need to efficiently charge this, for occasional, use.
Could some of the admin change my vote
On phone and voted cold instead of hot

Page moved as i pressed sorry op
I get newsletter of 30% off almost every week with eurocarparts. Still good price, so voted, HOT!
Make sure to keep receipt as generally battery fails before warranty expires.
I think you'd be better off with a cheap leisure battery (like you'd get in a caravan) for that purpose
Bought this 6 months ago for £47 and was already a good deal.
My battery says 5 years warranty on it.
Did they change it?
The original battery in my car is l1 420a 50ah. Would this one be a good replacement?
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