Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer ART 26 Easytrim Accu £24.98 @ B&Q - half price

Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer ART 26 Easytrim Accu £24.98 @ B&Q - half price

£24.98B&Q Deals
Found 10th Oct 2010
EAN: 3165140437653 Was looking for a cheap cordless trimmer to match the deal I missed last week, (the ART 23 for £25 on Amazon) This looks a very similar model.
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The ART 26 which comes up on Amazon is different to the one in the photo at B&Q, it's not the same item. I would include photos but can't sort the links out. You can use the EAN in the search box though.

Product Features:

* Powerful 14.4V/1.5Ah battery
* Less energy consumption due to special plastic blades
* Easy handling due to ergonomic design - at a weight of only 2 kg
* Allows for trimming of up to 500 m of lawn
* Second handle for comfortable handling in any work position
* Replacement blade storage on the tool

Product Technical Data:

* Battery type: NiCd
* Charge time: 3 h
* Cutting circle diameter: 26 cm
* Cutting system: Plastic blades
* Weight: 2,0 kg
Looks like the one i linked to on Amazon runs off a strimmer wire which why it got slated

Ive got the 23 from Amazon and its not bad at all, the blades are quite cheap off Ebay item 320565426866
It says * Cutting system: Plastic blades. Still sounds like the 23 to me
I had reserved two both at different stores which showed in stock at the time of ordering, only to be called the following day from both branches that it was not in stock.
PLEASE beware when you order and reserve at store from B&Q any offer item, chances are it will not be availible. This is not the first time this has happened to me.
B&Q internal systems are ancient, for a company this size surely they can get the basics right?
This leads to customer dissatisfation, I for one will no longer be using B&Q to reserve online for store collection, a WASTE OF TIME.
Some mainly good reviews for the smaller version ART 23 Easytrim Accu

ART 26 Easytrim Accu
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I finally got one the other day, it's very easy to use the blades just click on and battery lasts for ages after a 3-4 hour charge.
Only thing I will say is check the box as there were parts missing and I had to make several journeys to B&Q to sort it out.
Got gift voucher for my troubles from customer services though (_;)
My mum bought a cordless one similar to this, be careful when charging the battery. If you forget it's on charge it'll burn out the charger. There's no safety cut off on the charger so the whole lot had to be returned for a replacement, wouldn't just replace the charger -what a waste!
Oh no! Not one with plastic blades. Be prepared to live in Homebase (only place I can find blades) as blades last as long as an ice cream on a red hot day!

Be prepared to live in Homebase (only place I can find blades)

Read the posts above !

Read the posts above !

Thank you. I've not thought of looking on Ebay for blades. I tend to run out as I'm doing the grass and need them there and then.

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nope try again
I surrender!

Am I looking at post No 3 or 6? Is it or is it not a bladed strimmer?
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Less energy consumption due to special plastic blades
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"the blades are quite cheap off Ebay item 320565426866"

I love happy endings!
Not so good on specs as well...had to dig through bosch website and found the product info page and a comparison which tells it all...least amount or no features like height adjustments and no swivel which is kind of standard on all other models.....take look at the link will take you to the product page and just below the product image there's a link for comparison..

Product details and compare Link

Expired showing as £49.98 now.
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