bosch freestanding dishwasher sms68m02gb 319.99 with code @currys

bosch freestanding dishwasher sms68m02gb 319.99 with code @currys

Found 25th Aug 2016
code dish30
a particularly high spec dishwasher.
several wash cycles with options for quick or long on all.
also includes a very handy cutlery tray instead of a basket.
i install dishwashers from a large white goods retailer thats not currys, and i find bosch to be some of the best available, spec wise this one should be over £400 but at £319 its a steal
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very good price for a great machine
Brilliant price heat from me.
Been working for us for about 5 years although in general I don't like the make.
tbh, how many wash cycles do you need? 90% of the time I leave mine on default 50° wash. Occasionally use the 65° wash if put greasy pans in and never use the 'quick' wash option as it doesn't dry. Can't seen the benefit of paying extra for unused options
Thank you very much for posting! I've been holding out for a decent machine at a decent price and this is the one. Cheers.
The benefit of this model over a cheaper one is yes it has several options, but importantly it has an intensive which helps keep itself clean. It also has the cutlery tray which is only found on more expensive model, including the likes of miele. The other reason for the cost is the energy efficiency of this model, it's also fairly water efficient and it has a quiet running wash motor.
On the whole this is a good machine, for the price it's an excellent machine. You can get cheaper, but build quality on cheaper makes is quite poor.
l have similar model - excellent build quality, way ahead of cheaper dishwashers, works perfectly !
479 now - shame I missed it :-(
I have bought one this week and used 30LKAR to get the same price
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