Bosch GS50 Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch GS50 Power Silence Vacuum Cleaner

Found 1st Jan 2015
Amazing price for this highly rated vacuum cleaner.

offer ends end of day on 1st Jan

offer of 20% off the 164.99 price once you go to checkout online.

available for home delivery only and the 135.94 includes delivery.

hope this is of use to someone.

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next cheapest price is £164 on appliances online ( - never been this low a price.

I've got this Hoover. Very quiet and very powerful. You can Hoover up with the kids in bed lol.

It's not a Hoover, it's a vacuum cleaner.

It's a great vacuum however not if you've got pets the hairs just glog up the brush s and theirs no support from Bosch,disappointing considering how good their meant to be...... Back to a dyson for me,shame.....

I have this and really don't like it, it's very heavy to carry up and down five fights of stairs and in my opinion lacks serious suck! that's probably why it's so quiet. I bought the miele below when it was £99 to replace it two weeks ago which wipes the floor in terms of performance which is double and size which is half.…4C2

I have this vacuum cleaner, its really silent. Bought as new, a few months ago, rarely used, got a few marks, but it's in excellent contition, as good as new. No problems at all..!!

Selling it for £85 plus postage. Free delivery within Coventry.

Reason for sale- need a smaller Vac.
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