Bosch Isio Cordless Shape and Edge Kit - Homebase £21.19

Bosch Isio Cordless Shape and Edge Kit - Homebase £21.19

Found 30th Oct 2014
Cordless Bosch kit for small trimming and edging tasks

Was £24.99 (from £49.99), with 15% off at Homebase, now the price is £21.19.
Amazon price £49.49

Homebase 15% off
Ends in store Sun 02/11/2014
Ends online Mon 03/11/2014


Is this for my bikini line?


Is this for my bikini line?

No, you'll be needing one of these

Fantastic price

Great, reserved one for collection... have been wanting one of these are years but did'nt want to pay £50..
Thanks js2013 for posting.

hot already got one of these an think they are worth full price so it's a steal at this price

Great price but oos anywhere near me

Oos in the east mids too

Great price, I use one for my lawn edges and 1 charge does about 70foot worth of lawn edge between charges so probably fine for the average lawn. The hedge trimmer isn't up to much though, there's not enough ooomph in the motor / battery for anything other than light thin bush/hedge.

Don't use to trim you nads or fufu

Wouldn't buy this again, blades got blunt very quickly, and I've tried sharpening tools as well

oos everywhere
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