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Bosch IXO 3.6V 1.5Ah Li-ion Cordless Screwdriver £25 at B&Q - free Click + Collect

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The IXO cordless screwdriver is the handy little hero tool to have around the house. It features an ergonomic design for a naturally comfortable grip and intuitive handling. It also has a built-in PowerLight Concept with LEDs to produce focused spot or scattered lighting for great visibility while working. A micro USB cable that connects to any USB interface makes charging easy. The IXO is perfect for assembling or disassembling furniture and tightening screws. Its Lithium-ion battery does not discharge in storage, and is therefore always ready when needed.

  • Guarantee - 3 years
  • Comes with Micro-USB charger cable, 10 pcs. Standard bits
  • With LED work light

Features and benefits
  • Lithium-ion technology produces no memory effect or battery self-discharge
  • Easy furniture assembly and disassembly, fast tightening, or removal of screws
  • Micro USB charger for easy portable charging solutions
  • Power LED for either focused spot or scattered lighting
  • Ergonomic handle design for multiple grip positions
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    In all honesty for a DIY'er you don't need this unless you're unscrewing hundreds of screws where you don't have a combi drill... of its just for a few screws, just use a screwdriver and save yourself £25 lol
    Have to disagree with you, had one of these for several years now and wouldn't be without it, simply speeds up the job vs manual screwdriver without getting the combi out. OK not as powerful as the combi but can easily swop out the heads so great switching between flat, philips etc. Highly recommended in my view.
  2. Avatar
    This is my favourite purchase of 2022. Got me through two house moves. I reckon my marriage would have met a quick demise without it.
  3. Avatar
    Looks like the TCB hummingbird
  4. Avatar
    Screw that
  5. Avatar
    Good price for the 5th gen
  6. Avatar
    good price
  7. Avatar
    To be honest, I posted this deal to see some HUKD opinion Wasn't sure if I should get this or Mac Allister for £20 with 5Nm variable torque. Bosch got 4.5Nm and no torque selector.
    The 6th generation, IXO 6, Bosch one is better than this one in my opinion. I've got that. It's got variable speed so makes its a lot easier to control. It is more expensive, although I was lucky to get mine when it was reduced.
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    I’ve seen this as low as £15 the later one is better with variable speed control as stated.
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    Mine just died, well I say died I broke it... been waiting for an offer for a while... can I be arsed driving to b and q though....

    It lasted a good 10 years of abuse though, although I did have to solder a new battery in a couple of years ago.
    How’d you break it? I used mine on a bed and it now sounds clunky and like a clutch is slipping. Sounds terrible, so presume it’s on deaths door.
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    Picked this up the weekend from Amazon same price 
  11. Avatar
    Had this for years - fantastic!
  12. Avatar
    Picked this up from Amazon on Prime day a few months back for less than £18...another non-deal.
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    Great tool, use it a lot more than I thought, small enough to go in a drawer and not stuck away in a shed.
  14. Avatar
    Good for IKEA furniture lol