Bosch IXO V Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V £32.99 @ Argos

Bosch IXO V Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V £32.99 @ Argos

Found 3rd Feb
Good price for a Bosch. Same screwdriver is over £40 in B&Q and Wickes.

Lithium-Ion battery so won't lose its charge and has a handy LED light built in.

Comes with metal case, USB charger and 10 bit set.



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I bought this for £20 from Amazon when it was last on offer.

I purchased this from B&Q for £17 a year ago. this tool should be at the children toy's shelf, really. The power is just rubbish. Don't buy it!

These are good so long as you accept the limitations of such a small unit. They don't provide a great torque but are small enough to get into tight spaces. They aren't built for heavy use either - I got through 4 of them on one project (but simply exchanged them for a new one each time

great for putting IKEA and other flat pack furniture together. you can also buy a adjustment Bosch Torque Setting Attachment for IXO 3 and IXO 4 - Black £14.40 from Amazon.

bought from b and q 6 months ago for 20 pounds good product

Yep at around £17 to £20 these are great for putting cabinets together - unlike others I have found them good and powerful, though I much prefer the first version with a standard rather than USB charger as the forward and reverse switch was much easier to use and the unit seemed to hold a bigger charge and seemed more powerful. At this price I am sorry but like many others it is a cold deal. For the record, I have both the versions so am able to compare the two. I expect them to be on special at some stage again, so advice is to hold off until then.

piece of c**p ! get a makita or milwaukee !

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As scarface says, this is a great tool for putting furniture together plus other. 'day to day' house tasks. Makita aren't comparable as the power driver is around £100. Finally, the price is around the cheapest you can find it for now. Saying I bought it for £20 7 years ago is pretty pointless if I need it for this weekend. Crack on though
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