Bosch Measuring Tools From £16 with (£10 cashback too via Bosch) @ Amazon

Bosch Measuring Tools From £16 with (£10 cashback too via Bosch) @ Amazon

Found 26th Dec 2016
I needed one.. ends 31/12/2016

Someone else might want to use the cashback offer

I went for…9IK

Bosch Measuring Tools Cash Back Promotion (“Promotion”) - Terms and Conditions

Please note that this offer is promoted by Robert Bosch Limited, so has no responsibility for, or control over, the offer. If you have any queries, please contact Robert Bosch Limited directly, as set out in their terms and conditions.

Offer valid from 1st November 2016 – 31st December 2016. All claims must be received on or before 15th January 2017

1.Qualification: To qualify for the Bosch Measuring Tools Cashback you must purchase a qualifying machine and claim online with proof of purchase during the promotion period.

1.You must complete all of the required fields to validate your claim, and all claims must be made online (at

2.Promotion Period: Purchases must be made between 01/11/2016 – 31/12/16 and claims submitted on or before 15/01/2017. Any claims submitted after 15/01/2017 will not be eligible for this promotion.

3.Machines: This promotion only applies to purchases of new:

Part Number MT Measuring Bard Code
0603672600 Zamo II 3165140852371
0603672601 Zamo II 3165140852388
0603016200 PLR 25 3165140532464
0603672100 PLR 30 C 3165140791830
0603672300 PLR 40C 3165140814409
0603672200 PLR 50 C 3165140791854
0603672201 PLR 50 C 3165140830072
0603016300 PLR 50 3165140532518
0603676000 PAM 220 3165140772600
MT Detection
0603010100 PDO 6 3165140435543
0603681201 Truvo 3165140853651
0603681200 Truvo 3165140853644
0603681000 PMD 10 3165140624787
0603683000 PTD 1 3165140653480
MT Levelling - Line Lasers
0603015000 PLL 5 3165140442510
0603663300 PLL 1 P 3165140710862
0603663270 QUIGO 2 3165140689847
0603663500 Quigo III 3165140836067
0603663770 Quigo III 3165140859851
0603663600 Quigo Plus 3165140836104
0603663400 PLL 2 3165140754095
0603663401 PLL 2 Set 3165140754101
0603008100 PCL 10 3165140471572
0603008101 PCL 10 Set 3165140471596
0603008200 PCL 20 3165140471619
0603008201 PCL 20 Set 3165140471626
0603664000 PLT 2 3165140562911
0603663000 PLL 360 3165140562881
0603663001 PLL360 Set 3165140562898

Note: Below products are excluded from this promotion

MT Measuring
0603672000 PLR 15 3165140727754
MT Detection
0603681100 PMD 7 3165140727730
MT Accessories
0603692000 MM1 3165140587921
0603692200 MM02 3165140687898
0603693000 TP 320 3165140562935
0603693100 TP 320 3165140798563
0603691100 TT 150 3165140809160

4.Cash Back Value:The amount awarded is the same (£10) for every product purchased.

5.Cashback Payment:
5.1.Cashback value will be paid into your nominated bank account by BACS transfer. You are responsible for ensuring that you enter your account details correctly – Bosch cannot be held responsible for, and have no liability to re-issue, any payment that is transferred to an incorrect account other than by their own error.
5.2.Please allow up to 28 days from submission of completed claim for the cashback to reach your account. Claims will only be considered completed once a copy of a valid purchase invoice has been received.

6.Existing Offers: NOT to be used in conjunction with any other offers or with other contract pricing agreements.

7.Exclusions: Offer available to companies or individuals based in the UK only. Cashback cannot be claimed by Bosch employees or dealer partners, or their family members.

8.Right to withdraw: Robert Bosch Limited reserves the right to alter, cancel or withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notice.
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You should put a deal in the title
You should put a deal in the title. Good deal £16 net for the example given
Many thanks just bought one had no idea
Excellent company Bosch, spent some time at their demo factory in Holland.
Purchase until end of December 2016??
Thanks, added to my collection of measuring tools by the bedside.
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