Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Mixer 600W £32 @ Tesco

Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Mixer 600W £32 @ Tesco

LocalFound 18th Dec 2015
Bosch MUM48R1GB Food Mixer 600 W for £32 was £149.
I saw this in the Tesco Extra in Stevenage Lytton Way not sure if it is Nationwide.
Amazon are selling this for £79.
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Fantastic price, will have a look later. Thank you.
Nice find, but here is a cheaper food mixer.

This is £120 on Tesco direct
o.o.s. in tesco lakeside but was on sale for £32
Great price and find,saw this a while ago rang tesco store to check price and availability yes two in stock.So off I went on 30 minute drive got there and woman staff member checked on computer and her eyes lit up at price told young guy she would go and check in warehouse came back and surprise surprise none in stock.I went to Halfords next door was there for quite a while love the place when I was in the process of leaving I saw a man carrying two Bosch food mixers to a car was just about to ask him how he got them when you guessed it the same woman shop assistant turned up and hopped into car and drove off.
Should have asked to see the manager.
I'm in the Stevenage forum Tesco - there are 3 on the shelf - guy in front of me picks up all 3 and puts them in his trolley ... None left ... Now who needs THREE food mixers ???ah that's be Amazon and EBay that's who ... Grinds my gears
Went to tesco extra Huntingdon to get one for a spare bowl as I already have this mixer, none left but there was one on display they let me have for an extra 10% off the reduced price. Guy said the accessories would be missing, got home and compared and they are all there! So a big thanks from me
Great price. Tempted to go with the wife's ironing board cover for Christmas.
Thanks op, got one for me from my mum for Christmas. Was in poole fleetsbridge store, apparently two in stock, but only one out and price tag in the shelf.
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