Bosch PLS300 Saw station £49.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Bosch PLS300 Saw station £49.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 15th Apr 2011
£60+ everywhere else. This is not the one with the tile cutter attachment - that set remains about £87 on amazon. Compatible with the green range of Bosch Jigsaws…UWM

The handy PLS 300 Sawing Station from Bosch enables particularly precise cuts with Bosch jigsaws. The highly flexible modular system is ideal for guided cuts in wood, aluminium or plastic--in short, for all materials that can be worked on using the jigsaw. The PLS 300 is also the ideal tool for trimming panels or square timbers up to widths of 31.5 centimeters and thicknesses of 25 millimeters, for angled cuts up to ± 45°, and for miter cuts or adjustment cuts. When laying floor coverings, for example, it enables quick, safe and straight sawing of parquet, laminate, skirting boards and even aluminum strips.

The centerpiece of this all-purpose sawing station is the aluminum guide channel, which guides the sole plate of the jigsaw and the saw blade. At the same time, it also holds the workpiece firmly in place. The guide channel can be set precisely using an easy-to-read scale to perform horizontal angled cuts up to ± 45°. The workpiece stop on the PLS 300 can be extended symmetrically using two modules that are supplied as standard. It can also be extended asymmetrically for working on particularly long workpieces. There are two supports to help the user when sawing wider workpieces. The guide rail including the carrier section can be removed for sawing cutouts. When performing rip cuts, the supports are fitted to the guide rail carrier. To make accurate mitre cuts on skirting boards, for example, the user sets the sole plate of the jigsaw to the 45° position.
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