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Bosch Pmd 7 Digital Detector - £10 @ Wickes (instore)
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Bosch Pmd 7 Digital Detector - £10 @ Wickes (instore)

Posted 31st Jan 2018Local
You should always be sure that it’s safe to drill before doing so, and with the Bosch PMD 7 you’re able to do exactly that. This useful detector helps to locate live electrical cables as well as ferrous metals such as steel framework and non-ferrous metals such as copper piping. All Bosch detectors have automatic calibration and only calibrate once the device is set up against the wall – this avoids the traditional error of calibrating it before placing it against the wall and the detector then not detect materials which are actually there. Even when lifted off the wall, Bosch detection tools such as the PMD 7 deactivate and then recalibrate when placed to a new position. The Bosch PMD 7 can be used as soon as it’s switched on thanks to the one switch operation, as well as the automatic calibration feature. Simply switch it on and the PMD 7 will immediately begin detecting. Once the tool detects a live electrical cable or a ferrous or non-ferrous metal, the results can easily be interpreted through the LED traffic light system and varying acoustic signal. Even if you’re new to electronic detection, the PMD 7 is easy to use and suitable for even those with little DIY experience.
- Maximum detection depth of up to 7 cm
- Detects live wires, copper and steel
- Traffic light LED and acoustic signal for indication of results
- Automatic calibration for reliable results
- Easy use with simple on/off switch
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To save you clicking the link!:

Only in stock in 3 locations nationwide.
Lol three stores in the whole UK with stock of 1 lol cold
it did say Limited stock!!
Yeah that is limited all right .. and in those tree stores they will have one device each
Can this bu used to detect stud walls, perhaps the nails/screws in them?
To save you clicking the link!:

wonder if Homebase would price match ?
I pick up one in Edinburgh not bad for £9 using my trade discount
I've got one of these. It's been invaluable for showing me where hidden pipes and electrics are. So far it's shown me that I can't drill through:

A concrete lintel
A chimney breast
A wooden door
An offcut of chipboard
My hand

Marvelous piece of technology.
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