Bosch PMF 180 E Multifunctional Allrounder: Cuts, Saws, Sands £56.95 delivered @ Amazon

Bosch PMF 180 E Multifunctional Allrounder: Cuts, Saws, Sands £56.95 delivered @ Amazon

Found 19th Jun 2010
Wouldnt be without mine.

* Powerful for all DIY applications - cuts, saws and sands
* Stepless electronics for variable speed of 15,000-21,000rpm
* Universal screw that allows all kind of accessories to be attached
* Dust extraction access for vacuum cleaner gives a clean, dust free work area
* Small tool body and ergonomic soft grip for optimal handling and control of the tool

The Bosch PMF 180 E All Rounder has a wide range of applications from cutting and sawing wood, plastic and metal to sanding, scraping and de-grouting. Even in the tightest of corners and edges it can be used thanks to its ergonomic design and handy accessories.

The PMF 180 E is easy to use because you have a secure grip on the tool at all times. Plus, the speed selector switch allows you to match the working speed to the material. The 180 watt motor provides high power for all applications. The more you work with it, the more you will appreciate its abilities: its handiness and power, and its manoeuvrability in tight spaces. You are sure to come up with countless ways of using the PMF 180 E.


For the keen DIYer this is a great tool. It is for fine work - you won't be using it as a general power saw.
The Bosch blades are very expensive but last a very long time. This Bosch tool is a copy of the Fein Multimaster. I presume the 25 year copyright has expired on that as Bosch and many other companies are now making very similar tools (to the extent that the Fein blades fit the Bosch and vice versa). There are also Chinese made copies from unknown brands.
The price here is just normal - it is often £60 at B&Q and others - so a great tool at a reasonable price.

Great tool - used mine loads - only slight problem is that the blades are so damned expensive and they can blunt quite easily depending on what material you are cutting.

I've used mine on cutting wood, laminate floor, wood floor, plaster coving, plaster, metal, copper pipe and found it to be very efficient. Once you see one in action you'll wonder how you lived without it.

I've used the Fein Multimaster a couple of times and it's been superb. The difference seems to be it's double the price of the Bosch.

The best thing it can be used for is definitely removing old grout, worst job imaginable by hand.

Great price.

How much are the replacements?

cracking tool :thumbsup: well I say cracking, I bought one & its still in its box, I used my mates & thought I gotta get me one of these & so I did & there its been ever since,sat in its box, nothing has come up where i need it :x I was asked if i had one, but lied I didn't :whistling: well i wanna use it before anyone else does :-D

Cracking tool....
Havent used mine much, but when you do it is worth its weight in gold...:thumbsup:
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