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Bosch Professional 2608000495 Handle for Recip Saw Blades Including Recip Saw Blades (1 x S 922 EF, 1 x S 922 VF) £12.49 @ Amazon

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About this deal

  • Convenient: Room to store two saw blades inside the handle
  • Universal usage: ½ inch universal shank enables the recip saw blades to be used in hand saws and electric saws
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x saw handle, 1 x S 922 EF Flexible for Metal, 1 x S 922 VF Flexible for Wood and Metal
  • Areas of use: Suitable for small sawing jobs in wood and metal
  • Practical: Quick saw blade changing thanks to the button on top

What's in the box?

1 x recip saw handle
1 x S 922 EF Flexible for Metal recip saw blade - length: 150 mm, tooth pitch: 1.4 mm
1 x S 922 VF Flexible for Wood and Metal recip saw blade - length: 150 mm, tooth pitch: 1.8-2.6 mm
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    Who wouldn't want to spend an hour attempting to cut a small piece of metal or wood by hand with a workable saw length of approximately 2 inches.
    Thought the same thing, but there are times when you need a small tool like this when nothing else will do the job. One of the reviews on Amazon highlights this perfectly
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    There’s a difference one on Amazon as well for £7.50
    Vitrex Pocket Hand Saw Quick fit Grip/Handle Reciprocating Blade
    thanks for posting, I didn’t know they existed, now I got to buy something else I don’t want.
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    I've got loads of those blades so this will make some more use of them. Thanks
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    Thanks OP, ordered.
    I don't trust myself with powered saws...
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    Outstanding reviews with this
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    To be fair I use my makita recip to cut scaffolding tubes when there in my way, won't catch me using a saw or damaging a blade in my disc cutter so handy handy tools.
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    I've got one of these, handy little tool seeing as I have quite a few blades knocking about. I use it in place of a jr hacksaw or a jab saw
    Hi mate what’s the advantage of this over a hacksaw ? And could it replace a big saw
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    Would a longer wood blade take down a 8-10 inch in diameter tree?
    I think I'd be borrowing a chainsaw. I've done 4 or 5 inch trees and even then the blade binds as you go in with all the weight of the tree pushing down.
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    Is this any good?