Bosch Professional FSN 4-Piece Kit (FSNKIT) £118 Delivered (£98 After Bosch Cashback)

Bosch Professional FSN 4-Piece Kit (FSNKIT) £118 Delivered (£98 After Bosch Cashback)

Found 18th Jul 2017
Not for everyone I guess, but here is a bit of a bargain if you need this sort of thing.

This is for use with compatible circular saws, plunge saws, routers and jigsaws too IIRC and enables you to get a perfect edge every time (in theory).

I know you can buy a straight edge and a couple of clamps for under £50, but this is the bogs dollox and extremely versatile in that you can get extension pieces in 0.8m, 1.1m, 1.6m, 2.1m and 3.1mm and can be joined in any combination to the desired length. There's also an angle guide etc.

Good display of it in action on YOUTUBE

It is quite expensive kit and I've found myself spending around £650 on various Bosch FNS compatible items and that was buying everything in different place to keep it to the cheapest price, but RRP would have been over £1000.oO

All the constituent parts for this kit add up to well over £200 at the cheapest and have a way over the top RRP of £298, so delivered for £118 seems a bit of a billy bargain to me:

2 x FSN 1600 Professional (1 600 Z00 00F) £72.95 (RRP £94.40)
1 x FSN VEL Professional (1 600 Z00 009) - £36.04 (RRP £56.00)
1 x FSN BAG Professional (1 610 Z00 020) - £35.30 (RRP £54.40)

So a total of £217+ when purchasing the items individually at the cheapest price that I could find online.

Plus you can potentially get £20 cashback from Bosch themselves by downloading the app and registering the kit.


Never heard of 'Orbital Fasteners' before, but credit were credit is due, it was delivered within a couple of days and I've since sent off the cashback claim via the Bosch App (linked to on the Bosch cashback page).

If anyone wants a list of all the cheapest places I found stuff, PM me.
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