Bosch PST 650 500w Variable Speed Jigsaw Now £32.99 @ Argos

Bosch PST 650 500w Variable Speed Jigsaw Now £32.99 @ Argos

Found 4th Dec 2013
Been looking for a decent Jigsaw without spending too much and this Bosch PST 650 sounds like just the job.It's got plenty of power for my needs, and variable speed, and of course it's a Bosch so should last a few years or more.Was browsing the Argos app and noticed this has now been reduced to only £32.99, which appears to be the best price around for this model, and in stock in all my nearest stores.
It's also on their website so can reserve & collect but not sure how to get the URL out of their app.
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Better reviews and recommendations with this one :…htm

Better reviews and recommendations with this one … Better reviews and recommendations with this one :

May get good reviews, but as someone that has bought one of their Challenge Extreme jigsaws, I can honestly say it was ****! had a pointless laser, SDS chuck that didn't hold the blade securely, and more importantly just couldn't cut a straight line as the chuck allows the blade to flex too much, and that was using Bosch blades, absolute rubbish.You certainly wouldn't want to attempt cutting a worktop with it, maybe OK for thin Laminate flooring.When it comes to tools like Jigsaws always best to stick to a decent brand.For the price, obviously this Bosch is only DIY quality, but at least it'll do the job it's designed for.
Not very good I have one of these
The next model up PST 700 is only £37.49 on amazon.…y_1
I bet lumberjacks everywhere $h!t-themselves when they come across this....
( not a pretty picture granted....but you know what I mean)

Edited by: "Chumba_Wumba" 5th Dec 2013
They've now artificially inflated the price on this to £39.99! obviously for a more dramatic forthcoming Christmas sale reduction
Anyway, the next model up is available in their Home base stores @ £37.49 same as Amazon, so I shall expire this deal as now ended.
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