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Bosch ptk3.6 Cordless Nail Gun & Stapler £24.99 @ Homebase
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Bosch ptk3.6 Cordless Nail Gun & Stapler £24.99 @ Homebase

Posted 5th Aug 2008
Found it in my local Homebase store (Leeds, Roundhay). Its not listed on their website but this is the description : tooled-up.com/Pro…Tag

Bosch PTK 3.6v Cordless Nail Gun & Stapler + 1 Battery

Bosch Diy Ptk3.6V Cordless 3.6V Tacker / Stapler

Say goodbye to hammers, screws, glue and drawing pins. The versatile cordless tacker PTK 3.6 V has arrived. Regardless of whether you want to tack or nail something down, work with films, strips or fabrics, indoors or outdoors, in bright or dark conditions: the PTK 3.6 V cordless tacker is the perfect tool.

Thanks to the powerful battery, you can tack anytime and anywhere without an annoying cable. And: you can even work quickly and safely in dark, hard-to-reach corners with the PTK 3.6 V - the integrated LED light makes this possible.

- Powerful and mobile thanks to 3.6-V battery
- For rapid stapling of insulation material, foils, textile wallpapers etc.
- For staples and nails up to 14 mm in length
- Safety nose - the impact can only be triggered in the working position
- Ergonomically shaped handle with Softgrip and large switch for fatigue-free work
- Good handling, also for left-handers
- Light for optimum view when working
- Lightweight and handy

Comes With:
Battery charger (2 607 224 792)
1 battery
1000 staples
Carrying case (1 605 438 137)

Weight: 1,20 kg
Impacts: 30 1 /min
11.4 mm staple, length: 6 mm - 14 mm
Nail, length: 14 mm

This product comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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I was going to buy a nailer/tacker yesterday this one is a bit cheaper than the other cordless nailers I was looking at but probably because it only has a 3.6v battery (others were 18v or mains operated), the ones in B&Q were from £35-£50 and one came with 2 18v batteries.

This deal must just be a local deal for you as its £45 on the homebase website ]http//ww…477
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Oooeer. I think I'll pass on this deal.
lol im working at bosch right now as an intern!! (sorry about the randomness)
nice find, good one...!
Got one in richmond today - great deal
Looking at the item description in-store this is meant to come with an electric screw driver too.I asked staff and they said if I bring my receipt in they will give me a 50% refund! Now i just have to find it :thinking:
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