Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser Level £33.74 @ Amazon

Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser Level £33.74 @ Amazon

Found 19th Dec 2015
The Bosch Quigo is a self-levelling cross line laser which projects two perfectly horizontal and vertical lines onto any wall. With clear laser visibility up to 7 metres, the Quigo is ideal for all levelling jobs around the home, from hanging pictures straight on the wall to levelling tiles.

Cheapest price ever on Amazon - great gift for DIY enthusiasts!

Also in the Amazon 4 for the Price of 3 in Home & Garden.
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thought it was a toaster lol
Weirdly enough... I've been looking for one today to help with some DIY. Did a search on Amazon and came across this model and it's cheapest price on the net currently. I then started looking for video reviews of this and there were none in English. This is the only one I could find subtitled and after watching it I'm going to pass on this one.

To give you a guide as to what Flubit's price could be, they have offered it to me for £29.94
I've found this very useful. Accurate, fast to use. Only suitable for indoor use (as not bright enough outside except at dusk/night!) but I've used for tiling, floors, ceilings.....

thought it was a toaster lol

Looks like a love child of Talkie Toaster and a Cylon
Great bit of kit, needs to be within 4 degrees of flat to self level though. I got a cheap camera tripod to give me a bit more scope to use, the clamp is alright but you obviously still need something to clamp to!
only one left
Out of stock now.
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