Bosch Rotak 32cm Electric Rotary Mower £50.74 @ Homebase or £44.79 @ Amazon

Bosch Rotak 32cm Electric Rotary Mower £50.74 @ Homebase or £44.79 @ Amazon

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Found 18th Mar 2011Made hot 18th Mar 2011
Normally £70, now £55.99.
20% off code GARDEN20 to get it to £44.79, add £5.95 delivery to get it for £50.74.

EDIT @ 1400h:
Amazon have price-matched. £44.79 with free delivery:…NW4


thanks ordered..good post

Do these have metal blades?

need a lawnmower,great price.

Great price, have just ordered 1 on amazon. many thanks


Wowza!! Amazon have price-matched!!!

Whilst they're both described as Bosch Rotak 32, both the spec and pictures are different.

Looks good to me ordered, thanks

I've got the 36. Is a great mower. And yes it does have metal blades.

nice find cheers


Super mower. Much better than the hover mower it replaced.

which model is better to go for amazon or homebase

have hit it with stones and other stuff and no probs, replaced my old identical one after 12 years on same blade. well worth the money.....

back up in price at amazon £69.99


I've got the 36. Is a great mower. And yes it does have metal blades.

I also have the Rotak 36 and would definitely recommend the machine. Cuts well, although the 32 will obviously have a smaller capacity grass collecting box, so would need to be emptied more often. Ideal for small lawns and not heavy.

I've now got my eye on a rechargeable model ...... it would be pure bliss cutting lawns without the bother of a cable.

Missed out on the amazon price.

Bought one of these in homebase today while looking on the net noticed tesco direct are also doing 20% off mowers till sun 3rd of april but no bosch on their site when i looked

Have noticed that this one at Homebase is only 1000w, bit confused as Bosch site says 1200w is this model not as good, because they are selling the 1200w model in B & Q for £69

thanks just ordered it

nice one
ordered from newer model from amazon for £44.79 before it went up to £69 hopefully be decent and defo better than piece of S$*@ in my shed!

homebase or amazon ? which one is better if you ignore the price difference ?

Shame I couldn't get Amazon but got Homebase for £50. Thanks.

It was also this price instore today inc the discount.

Was marked up at £44.79.

I pressed the "2 minute countdown" button because they had the 320 and 320C both on the shelf and I wanted to know the difference (nothing as it turns out), but a sales assistant didn't get to me in time, so I got an extra 10% off.

(£55.99 -10%) - 20% = £40.31

Win. Cheers OP.
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