Bosch Rotak 34-13 Electric Rotary Mower £76.79 @ Homebase

Bosch Rotak 34-13 Electric Rotary Mower £76.79 @ Homebase

Found 7th May 2015
Received this in an e-mail, looks OK but any comments?? Cheapest I could find online & Amazon reviews seem good (254 / 314 4 & 5 star reviews).

Features: Powerdrive motor ensures a reliable cut, even in long grass or wet grass, sharpened blade and grass combs to deliver clean, close-up cutting, double folding handles and stackable grass box for compact storage.
Power: 1300W.
Weight: 10.5kg.
Length of cable: 10m.
Cutting width: 34cm.
Cutting height: 2 - 7cm
Collection capacity: 40L.
Guarantee: 2 year.

Price available in store until Sun 10th May and online until Mon 11th May.
Any other applicable discounts will be applied in the basket.
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excellent mower we got the 37 when it was on offer at £67 . some complain its flimsy but we've not noticed .. does the job and 40 litre collection box makes a big difference
I got one from Amazon last year and sent it back.
Previously had a Qualcast/Bosch for 10 years which was superb but this was a cheap,made in China model.
Unfortunately most are now so i ended up just getting a Qualcast from Argos for £45.Sure most of them are made in the same factory tbh?
Bought a rotak 40 from Amazon recently, and I'm very happy with the build quality. Powerful and fast enough for a 8m x 25m lawn
I've got the 37cm ergo flex, my Dad gave it to me because he went back to a flymo.

Don't believe the part in the advert about using this in wet grass, if there's any moisture in the grass at all then all the mower does is churn up the grass, it collects very little. I end up having to go over the lawn again (and again) with the mower on it's highest cutting setting to use it as a grass vaccuum.

Free was about the right price
I have one, bought it recently.

Cuts very well, grass box is good and it folds well for storage. My one complaint would be the grass box is flimsy.

At this price point well worth the money in my opinion.
Thanks for all the feedback Still mostly favourable, so might have to seriously consider! I don't know of any mower that will deal effectively with wet grass, so that's always a problem in UK oO But a little concerned about being flimsy - son can be a little heavy handed (it's his job to cut the grass!).
I got 36 ergo flex model a year ago. Its brilliant. The power drive motor (same as this one but with higher motor rating) made the first cut of long grass a breeze. These days all lawnmowers are mostly made of plastic and it didn't appear flimsy...
Forgot to add, the height adjustment is so easy on these models. Just a lever on side of mower
We've had this model for the past 5 years and are very happy with it. So much so we have now ordered this one again from Homebase and passing our current one on to our son - saves him 'borrowing' it every time he wants to cut his grass!
I paid £90ish for this model from Argos last month, discounted. It's a good mower, grass box is a bit flimsy, and it's hard to push, but it does leave a good cut.
Decent mower, the grass box is very flimsy and the handles are not easy to collapse (so it's bulky to store) but if you are happy with that it cuts well.
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We have the 37 and making the transition back to an electric mower from a petrol one, I must confess I wasn't sure. I am delight to say that it is excellent though and while it is clearly much lighter than my old petrol mower, it is certainly not flimsy - yes the grass collection box appears far from robust when empty and just kind of hangs there when you attach it but I have had no problems with it detaching. All in all, I'm very impressed.
Does anyone have any experience of the 32R? You can get this slightly cheaper at the variety store online for £75 but worth collecting for the extra £1!
You can buy a 1400 watts Qualcast model instead. Qualcast is part of Bosch group.…htm
Got this from Argos last week for £79.99 + £5 gift voucher.
I was a great advocate for Bosch Rotak mowers based on excellent performance from an older 37 model. Earlier this year I replaced it by 'upgrading' to a new Ergo 37 (just under £90 in a Homebase promotion) and, while it's a decent mower, it's definitely a backward step. Flimsier, seems less powerful (though both rated at 1400W) and, worst of all for me, they've shortened the lead by about 2 metres and it won't reach the end of my modest sized garden. Bosch have failed to respond to three emails and two phone calls. I really should have kept the old one (got a good price on ebay). As for Flymo - never again!

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One of the best electric mowers in the market. I have the older model but it is brilliant. My Dad has a flymo and that is rubbish compared to this. It cuts grass effortlessly.
Got the 43 last year for £70

You can buy a 1400 watts Qualcast model instead. Qualcast is part of … You can buy a 1400 watts Qualcast model instead. Qualcast is part of Bosch group.

I looked at this in Homebase alongside the one mentioned here that I bought. The Qualcast was more 'fragile' than the Bosch, especially the handle fixings which were broken on the demo one in store.
I bought this from Amazon last year during their Black Friday lightning deal week. Had a flymo for 8 years prior to this. Have to say I am really disappointed with it. As others have said, grass box is flimsy, really cheaply made, and trying to mow wet grass is impossible. It's quite bulky to store too - wouldn't recommend, and will definitely be going back to Flymo next time...
We have the 37 paid £86 at amazon good mower slighlty heavy though
This is a fantastic lawnmower, so much better than Flymo, NEVER buy Flymo products, unbelievably poor quality with overpriced parts.
Flubit has offered me the 32" rotak for £55, is this a good deal?
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