Bosch Rotak Ergoflex 430 £116.99 @ Amazon

Bosch Rotak Ergoflex 430 £116.99 @ Amazon


Bought - thanks..... I've got a 6 year old 40 inch one that's been good, but starting to have to replace some parts now. Couldn't turn this down at this price!

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I bought this model three and a half years ago for £125, but melted the motor after leaving some small bits of wire on the lawn by mistake.

It's still in good knick otherwise so I'll be keeping that for spares.

Question about you 40 inch version; was the blade free running or did it come to a quick stop once the power button was released?

It came to a quick stop after the power button was released.....

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Yeah, it's brushless motor, a lot different to other machines i have used.


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£189:20 today
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