Bosch Serie 4 WKD28351GB Integrated 7Kg / 4Kg Washer Dryer (£50 cashback possible too?) £757 at AO

Bosch Serie 4 WKD28351GB Integrated 7Kg / 4Kg Washer Dryer (£50 cashback possible too?) £757 at AO

Found 15th Sep 2017Edited by:"buglawton"
We had a fault on our integrated (= installed in fitted kitchen units) washer-dryer and I researched a replacement. Luckily I found a cheap fix for the fault but put the best rated/value replacement machine on price watch. Forgot all about it but recently got notified it'd dropped significantly.

The 1st price notification was on Very. Ignored it as I don't fancy Very as a supplier. But when I went back to Idealo, AO are now price matching, well, 2p more than Very.

This might be of use if you are in the specialised market e.g. flat dweller, for an under counter built in washer-dryer and want reliability due to all the horror stories around combined washer-dryer reliability!

Bosch is doing £50 cashback on this at the moment but I leave it to the HUKD analysts to comment on how valid that'll be.

Update - JL says "Claim £50 cashback until 31.10.17 (offer via redemption)"
Update - JL now price matching…452
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Paid £850 for one of these in about 1992. Only had to replace it 2 years ago. It worked hard in the end with 3 children and in its last years, it was mainly used for washing, as I bought a Bosch dryer. When you have teenagers topping 6 foot, you need a bit more washing and drying capacity!
why you not buy 2 of this and have monies left over?

Hotpoint washer dryer 10kg

Edited by: "Superman_turbo_pro_3000" 16th Sep 2017
This is about integrated washer-dryers (which that Hotpoint isn't) and as mentioned above, it's a specialised requirement. I've done the research on quality/reviews and already decided not to go for cheap. So this is a deal for people aiming for the more top end and reliable product, but still realistically priced

Yes, have choices.
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