Bosch SMS53A12GB Dishwasher £489 down to £299 @ John Lewis clearance online (A top award winning dishwasher)

Bosch SMS53A12GB Dishwasher £489 down to £299 @ John Lewis clearance online (A top award winning dishwasher)

Found 24th Dec 2013
Average rating 4.8*/5* from 15 reviews on John Lewis and 96% of 50 customers at would recommend it. This dishwasher was the winner of's Top 5 Dishwashers: It is a fantastic dishwasher for this clearance price!

Product information:

With an A++ in energy rating, and two A ratings for washing and drying, the Bosch SMS53A12GB Winning Line dishwasher will be welcomed into any home.

Precision engineering has resulted in a ServoLock door on this unit, which allows the door to close virtually by itself and with minimum effort on your part. A child lock protects from scalding, and tamperproof controls ensure washes are not interrupted by curious hands!

Thanks to the ActiveWater hydraulic water system, this dishwasher uses a tiny 6 litres of water per economy wash, and every single drop is used to maximum effect.

The SMS53A12GB has 5 programmes. These include:

70°C intensive cycle cleans heavily soiled pots and pans
A dedicated 45ºC quick wash cleans lightly soiled items in just 29 minutes
The economy 50°C cycle uses just 6L of water per cycle
And a TurboSpeed 60°C cycle that runs in just 20 minutes.

It also has 4 special options:

Intensive Zone
Speed Perfect
Half Load
Extra Dry

The Bosch SMS53A12GB runs extremely quietly at just 46dB and features a 1-to-24-hour time delay so you can set if off after midnight to take advantage of lower energy costs. And when running at night, the integration of HydroSafe technology gives you extra peace of mind, automatically cutting off the water supply if leakage or flooding occurs.

The upper basket is height-adjustable, even when fully loaded, and the SMS53A12GB features a removable VarioFlex basket as a more flexible alternative to a cutlery basket, allowing you to effortlessly unload cutlery.

With 3 different loading heights, and 8 foldable racks and shelves throughout the machine, a large variety of dishes can easily be accommodated. This appliance also includes a large item spray head that can be utilised for getting your oven shelves or barbecue grill clean.

2 Year guarantee included.
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I have a wife

I have a wife

how much does she cost?
good find heat added. I may not wash up after the meal and wait until Boxing day to buy the dishwasher to do the work.

how much does she cost?

Too much
I found a Bosch dishwasher for £243 yesterday @ Hughes Direct.
Just looked and Hughes have this model for £396 - it's not a bottom of the line model but I'm hoping for something better.

I'm tempted to order it with a delivery date in mid january and that way I can cancel it if I like
This won Dishwasher Personality of the year, Andy Murray was a close second, better luck next year Andy.
Right, I've ordered with a delivery date of 10th Jan.

Gives me plenty of time to cancel the order if I want to (in case something better comes up) and I also have some time after delivery under distance selling.

Talk about redefining opportunity cost

Right, I've ordered with a delivery date of 10th Jan.Gives me plenty of … Right, I've ordered with a delivery date of 10th Jan.Gives me plenty of time to cancel the order if I want to (in case something better comes up) and I also have some time after delivery under distance selling.Talk about redefining opportunity cost

just done exactly the same
can't believe it!!!!!

just done exactly the samecan't believe it!!!!!

I can't think of a reason not to do it unless you already have a good quality working dishwasher.

We have a hotpoint FDL 570 that we bought 4 years ago when we moved into this house. The soap dispenser has stopped working for some time and whilst it has a 5 year parts warranty, Hotpoint want to charge £150 for the labour! I've thought about buying the part for £60 and fitting it myself but the machine has never been great at cleaning or drying so time to replace

Just need to find a decent American style fridge deal now
i was going for a different one,bosch, but was waiting for it to become cheaper,it didn't...:(
but now that this one was posted.....:p
and yes, i am fed up with washing up by hand....
Looks good
Thanks for posting, after serious investigation and checking the review for the model no. placed the order for one and also at the same time used my old JL vouchers at the same time.
Nice one, thanks for posting, looks good to me, just ordered one
Mrs Xmas present has come late!
Had to get it for the new house, the £100 of JL VOUCHERS I had helped in the decision

Hopefully should save me a few quid with the energy saving

P.S I am pisse* when I just ordered this so hopefully won't regret this tomorrow, that's if I remember ordering it
Got 65E series one (pretty similar spec) a year ago and cannot praise it enough.

Today had 3 runs as guests came over... and guess what - all had got cleaned before they actually left .. with clean dishes of their own as they brought some food.

A lot of cleverness in Bosh machines. Small things but make life easier. Little maintenance: Just clean filter few times a year or add salt.
You can let it run in the middle of the night as it's silent. You can clean your fridge shelves or big stock pot.
I think this 53A model is most practical one with 20min cycle you cannot beat it.
Thanks, ordered. :-)
thanks, just ordered one excellent reviews and fantastic price for this dishwasher.
tempted to buy this.
Just ordered, many thanks for posting. Now all I have to do is find deals on a Rangemaster cooker and a Bosch American style fridge freezer
Do you actuall have to put salt in dishwashers these days as i never put it in my other one in my old house.

the Mrs told me it was all combined in to the tablet with the rinse also
I soooo wanted this as the current dishwasher has just packed up, tripping the electric out for the last time!

OOS at John Lewis, I've found it here:-…B-W
at £329.95

But really annoyed I have to pay another £30 just after Christmas. Any help to better this for this model really gratefully received please.
AO price matched it for me even tho it was out of stock @ JL
Mine gets delivered today and I'm stupidly excited!! Plan to stack up all the dirty dishes in readiness and throw out the fairy!
Many thanks for this thread and the helpful comment about AO price matching - they did for me too and offered to deliver today for and extra £29.99. Despite vociferous complaints from my teenagers I opted for us all to wash up until Thursday.If you do use the co op - although do note it is a different dishwasher - make sure you use the code for £30 discount through topcashback or quidco.
Just ordered through AO price matching. First time I have used them and very impressed. Well done to the initial poster! Heat added
Glad to be of help to all those who bought it - and great to see AO price-matching even after JL sold out!
JL did still place my order today but stated it could take until mid Jan for stocks. I'm unsure whether they will come good so...(with thanks to the few who stated that AO will match JL), think tomorrow I will place an order with AO for this.

Oh ... and thanks also to the OP as it looks a good model and represents good value at £299.

Stop press... just checked on JL website and it's back in stock!!! Madness. Think they give an extra years warranty so they win.
actually scrap that last comment about JL having stock - even though it states more than 10 available... after you choose your delivery slot, pay, enter all your details... you get:-

Bosch SMS53A12GB Dishwasher, White
Product code:81701207
Sorry, this product is no longer available online

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Thanks! I just bought one, order went through! Was torn between this and…437
But went for the bosch!
Just bought one too, no problems going through, delivery 6th Jan
I've just bought one too and it went through!!

Delivery slot of Sat 11th.

Thanks! I just bought one, order went through! Was torn between this and … Thanks! I just bought one, order went through! Was torn between this and went for the bosch!

Better warranty with JL than Homebase. The Hotpoint looks good though, but Bosch is very good also.

It seems stocks are in ok now with JL and my order is placed.
Out of stock at 2pm today. Very disappointed. Was out for the afternoon. Surprised to see them back in stock at 5pm but simply couldn't go through the ordering process at that moment. Sat down ready to go at 5:45pm. Out of stock.

Rang customer services. A very helpful Scottish gentleman indicated that they had had in excess of 1000 orders since it was reduced just after Christmas and had received, by the sounds of it, another couple of hundred in the last 24 - 48 hours.

If that was really more coming in this afternoon they simply flew out as soon as they arrived. No indication of any more stock on the way and only a handful left in stores around the UK that might be display models. All that can be done is to recheck tomorrow and go for it if stock shows.
Thanks OP, just rang up and they price matched JL (he even mentioned that JL was out of stock).
Rang AO. They did indeed accept a price match with John Lewis. Unfortunately, they are now out of stock as well and cannot take my order...
Received mine last week from JL and I am a happy man need to wash any more dishes. Thanks OP.
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