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Hot Drinks Machine TASSIMO VIVY 2 - £19.99 delivered at Bosch

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Tassimo coffee machine vivy 2 delivered £19.99
The cheapest I've seen...

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Perfectly prepared just for you with INTELLIBREW™.
Tassimo brews your favourite coffees at the touch of one button for quick, easy use. With a super fast scan of the barcode on the T-Disc, Intellibrew barcode technology automatically adjusts the brewing time, water and temperature to precision. Ensuring coffee shop quality every time. Just load a T DISC made with real ground coffee, press start and the system will automatically create the perfect drink. INTELLIBREW really does do all the work for you.

Your favourite drink at the touch of a button.
One touch operation so that you can prepare drinks for yourself and your family with the press of just one button. The machine has no heat up time so you can prepare drinks for the whole family with ease.

No taste transfer of your previous choice.

TASSIMO's single-serve system makes every drink taste exactly how it should. Enjoy your coffee with a pure coffee taste directly after serving a delicious hot chocolate for your children.

Save energy without effort.
Lower your energy consumption the easy way! The standby mode is activated directly after every brewing process and ensures low energy consumption. Save energy without having to constantly think about it.

Highest drink variety and quality

  • Large variety of high quality hot beverages: freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate or tea straight away
  • Two leading companies have joined forces for a high quality hot beverage system
  • Patented bar code technology identifies the drink selected and adjusts the amount of water, brewing time and the temperature to make the perfect cup everytime
  • Cleaning disc for purging the system and keeping your machine clean and fresh
  • Manual adjustment of drinks possible
  • No transition of taste: brewing takes place within T-DISC capsule; after each brewing cycle system is cleaned through steam purge


  • Connected load 1300 W
  • Brewer dimensions HxWxD: 251 mm x 169 mm x 310 mm
  • Weight incl. packaging (kg): 2.6

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  1. Avatar
    Refillable pods work brilliantly buy two …haven’t bought actual brand pod in years
    I got mine on AliExpress for £5.93 each

    £5.93 21% Off | iCafilas Reusable Coffee Capsule Pods Coffee Capsule Pod Silicone Lid Compatible with Bosch Happy Suny Vivy Tassimo 60/180ml

  2. Avatar
    Can these take non tassimo cartridges?
    I think you can buy refill pods that you can put your own coffee into.
  3. Avatar
    Voted hot because of the price but I sold on my Tassimo years ago as felt the pods were just too expensive and prices at the time had increased significantly and they appear to be much worse now even allowing for recent high inflation.
  4. Avatar
    Kind of like a printer. Cheap to buy but refills is where they lock you in.
  5. Avatar
    Was going to buy, but the pods are expensive compared to Dolce Gusto
    I dont think they are as good either, so not really worth it for me! Is a bargain for the machine though... (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Had a cheap Tassimo in my office for around 8 years now. Never misses a beat. Asda usually have pod deals 3 for £11. If you have blue light £9.90 for 3 (caramel macchiato my fave).
    Blue light at Asda?
  7. Avatar
    Need offers on the pods
    8 l'or macchiato in b&m £4, or nectar offers frequently 7 for £3.28, not toooo bad :/
  8. Avatar
    Its cheap and should work well. However reduced pack sizes and same expensive price isnt going to do their sales any favours. Buy online from Tassimo if theyve sorted their delivery problems. Usually some discount codes around. Also pod offers on Amazon to look out for.
  9. Avatar
    Get a Levazza, best coffee in the UK.
    Or don't use pods.
  10. Avatar
    Can one use this as a hot water dispenser? (edited)
    Only down side. Yes you could with the service disk but its never hot enough.
  11. Avatar
    I used to enjoy the Costa pods with my tassimo. They made the Costa ones expensive and then could never enjoy the Kenco and other brands. I moved to a bean to cup delonghi and never turned my tassimo on. It’s a good starting coffee machine.
  12. Avatar
    Pods too expensive now
    8 l'or macchiato in b&m £4, or nectar offers frequently 7 for £3.28, not toooo bad :/
  13. Avatar
    The pods on Amazon are 16 pods for £25 .. nexpresso vertuo which I thought was pricey are 10 capsules for £10 in the nexpresso shop ! Pods are more expensive than the machine !?
    It's either a misprice or a Marketplace seller. The Tassimo website will give you a better idea of what the RRPs are.
  14. Avatar
    The pods aren't too bad if you are prepared to shop around or buy in bulk, been buying pods from Amazon, about £20 for 5 x pack of 16 pods of Kenco Americano Grande coffee (80 cups in total, works out £0.25 per cup), or £20 for 5 packs of Baileys Latte Macchiato (40 cups, £0.50 per cup)
  15. Avatar
    Good Deal
    I have Used Tassimo last few years with American Grande Pods my goto, but recently the coffee taste has gone off badly; I sterilised the machine a few times with no help so bought a new machine with new pods from Tesco but no difference, just same bitter taste.
    Will order more pods elsewhere in hope to get previous Tassimo taste back.
    Have noticed cut backs on ingredients in various Ready meals also, so maybe manufacturers not up to scratch at moment.
  16. Avatar
    If this had been good for hot water to make instant coffee or tea I would have grabbed this. Sadly someone said it never comes out hot enough... So disappointing. Would never buy these for the pods - far too dear. Especially as I am not a coffee drinker.
    I find the temperature is perfect with the pods inserted. Does it run colder without a pod?
  17. Avatar
    You must be able to set the machine to do a certain coffee with no pod added or an empty pod and then get hot water that way. I so want this for hot water only and then if I want it for coffee I could. There must be a way to do this.
    You can. I think they come with a "service disk". You put this in place of a pod & you can run just hot water through it. You can also got empty, reusable pods from 3rd party sellers, which you can fill with whatever you want.
  18. Avatar
    Be smart, and don't waste your money into pods bussines, or refill solutions that is awkward. (edited)