Bosch Tassimo Hot Drinks Machine £10 @ Sainsburys

Bosch Tassimo Hot Drinks Machine £10 @ Sainsburys

Found 17th Sep 2010
I haven't tried buying one because we've got one already. However, if this deal is real, it's a bargain!

Go to…jsp, go to the 'Groceries' section, and search for 'Tassimo'. Item code: 6779793


when you go to log in though the machine is no-where to be found at that price.

Shows up for me, but when you book a delivery slot it's just not available

I have ordered two for delivery next week and received payment/order confirmation

Sainsbury's Online Groceries

Product and Price List:
2 x Bosch Tassimo Hot Drinks Machine - Total Price GBP 20.00

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worked for me, lets see if it arrives tomorrow!
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Now showing page unavailable

how much are these normally?

rage - no longer available - should have been bloomin quicker!

Just let me order one for delivery tomorrow and order has gone thru. Surely the price is wrong tho, these are around £90 elsewhere. Lets see what happens.
Hot. Heat added for a great find

It does not look available at checkout


how much are these normally?

never seen them less than £80

just been taken off the site, damn

Still there, just added 4 in my basket on top of the 2 I've just ordered.

Trolley summary
Quantity Product Price
4 Bosch Tassimo Hot Drinks Machine £40.00

are you going to sell me one then,lol

def not there now, just checked


def not there now, just checked

Added 15 into my basket - plain as day

can you add me one then, i can't see them, tryped in tassimo in groceries section, none showing

Ordered 5 less £10 e voucher, guess what everyone is getting for xmas !

(if they arrive doubt they will)

Are sainsburys like tesco, as in they charge the price that it goes through the till at on the day?

Odd, still shows for me in groceries....

are they still available for anyone else, perhaps it is postcode specific?

just put in my postcode, not showing, where have other people ordered them from?

the poeple who have ordered one, what areas are they from please?

no it has been taken off now - they have changed the product description - probabaly to do with idiots ordering loads and loads at once!

I still, this second see them at £10,

Birmingham Postcode

southampton, i'm just hoping I don't get charged £119.99, the price its supposed to be!!!


try and book a delivery slot though

anyone close to atherstone,warwickshire or within a decent drive, if they receive one , will buy it off them please

bah would of been great if could get one

I can still order one but to be honest i dont fancy having to buy the pods... ill just stick to a tea bag!


its idiots who order 10+ who put a dampener on occasions like this, maybe they will notice the error but when they get surges of orders its bound to grab attention

5.1 The prices which you must pay for the products that you order are set out on the Website at the time you place your order (plus a delivery charge) except where we discover an error in the price of the products you have ordered. In this event, we will inform you as soon as possible after receiving your order and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled.

Just ordered the two, still available as I type - is it location specific then?

Why deal expired??


I agree, worked fine for me altough the earlier post re T&C means they may catch on and cancel later.

In the email they send you for order confirmation...

*The total cost shown is an estimate and may differ slightly from the amount you pay. This is because some of your items may need to be weighed and we may have substituted unavailable items. The total cost shown also includes the discount from any evoucher you have entered at the checkout. We reserve the right to remove this discount where evouchers are not used in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.

Wonder what they call slightly!!!!

No longer on the site. Cheers to the greedy idiots. Appreciated!

It's still there..

On the search up the top, change the drop down to Groceries and search for Tassimo.

Its at the bottom of the page

Well I just ordered 2 for £26, Delivery booked for tomorrow 11am slot ;)..
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