Bosch Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine, 1300 W - Black x09£39.95 @ Amazon

Bosch Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine, 1300 W - Black x09£39.95 @ Amazon

Found 13th Apr 2017
Easy to use - fully automatic drink preparation with a press of a button
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I'm afraid this is pretty much the normal price for the Vivy. If your interested in these then be aware Tassimo are still offering the Fedilia (T40) plus 12 drinks packs bundle for £53 with free post.

I think there's still a discount code available for 10% off and a free descaler kit, etc.. Though you can't stack codes. If you can register another Tassimo product prior to your purchase they'll even email you a £10 off code straight away that you can use. Finally, with cash back, if paid out will reduce it by another £3.50'ish. Total cost £39.50 if cash back tracks.

Ordered one a week ago as the drinks alone come to more than £39.50.

Hope this helps.

Edited by: "pett1985" 13th Apr 2017
The Tassimo pods are about £4 for a pack of 8 at Sainsbury's at the moment. That's 50p a cup. If you have 2 cups a day that's £365 a year on top of your £39.95 machine. That is £400 in your first year!

If you only care about coffee and not the other flavours, you might be better off spending much more on a bean-to-cup coffee machine like this:…5E/ That is £260, leaving you £140 to buy coffee beans over the year. £140 of coffee beans should be more than enough to give 2 or more cups per day.

If you don't care about the frothy coffee and just want a good, simple bean-to-cup machine, you can get one for just £65

Even with the expensive machine, after the first year, you are quids in! With any bean-to-cup device, the coffee will taste much better, and you aren't using environmentally unfriendly pods!

It's a bit like inkjets - if you get a cheap machine they will sting you for small quantities of ink. The pod machines are the same - cheap machines and they make up the money with overpriced consumables.
It's about £35 in Asda.
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