BOSCH TDA8337GB Steam Iron. Comet Instore. Which! Magazine Best Buy.

BOSCH TDA8337GB Steam Iron. Comet Instore. Which! Magazine Best Buy.

Found 2nd Aug 2009
Bosch TDA8337GB Sensixx Comfort Power £38.93. I find it hard to believe that Comet is cheapest but they are by a big %. Let me know if you know a better deal as I have not purchased yet!

This iron was voted Best Buy in Which! magazine and I have seen internet reviews that give it 5/5. I have reserved mine and will be purchasing tomorrow.

I am not sure if Which! allow this but have a read and to be honest well worth a subscription.

Whatever you're ironing, this Bosch produces fantastic results, steaming through the ironing pile in a trice. You'll need to make sure you descale it frequently, though.

You can select from two levels of steam using the slider switch on the front of the iron. At the highest setting it produces plenty of steam for a really crisp result on anything from shirts to linen.

As well as two steam settings, this iron has steam-shot and water-spray buttons. The handle of the iron is comfy and the switches and buttons are easy to reach and adjust, requiring little force. However, it's possible to accidentally turn the heat setting dial if you change your grip on the iron.

Using steam on the one-dot heat setting isn t recommended. However, it's possible to steam at this cooler temperature and use the shot-of-steam button without the iron dripping water, as long as you don't press the button too frequently.

This iron doesn't feel heavy to use and is great for producing crisp creases along shirt sleeves. You don't have to press down hard and the pointed nose on the soleplate easily negotiates corners, making quick work of shirt shoulders.

Filling the water tank is simple. The sliding cover over the fill hole moves easily, and the opening is wide enough to pour in water using the supplied jug. Two jugs of water are enough to fill the iron. The maximum fill level is visible on either side of the iron as is the power light - good for right- and left-handed ironers.

Heat-up times for this Bosch are fairly average for an iron, and it can steam continuously for around 10 minutes at its highest steam rate on one tank of water.

The cable coils round the heel of the iron for storage with a clip to hold it in place. It's also easy to completely empty the tank of water after an ironing session, but the soleplate is likely to take more than an hour to cool down.

To keep your iron steaming well you should clean it regularly according to the instructions. As with other Bosch irons from this range, cleaning involves moving the steam slider between the '0' and '2' settings a few times, then plugging the iron in and heating it up. Once it has reached operational temperature you hold it over the sink and press the shot-of-steam button a few times to force out any scale. You can then start ironing.

This is a really quiet iron when it's continuously steaming. Steam irons aren't particularly good for vertical steaming - you have to pump the shot-of-steam button - and although this iron doesn't have much impact on clothes on the hanger, it's still better than most.

Pros: Easy to use and fill, quiet, excellent ironing results on all heat settings

Cons: Needs regular cleaning, lots of steam means frequent refilling
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same price in amazon!

£38.93 with free delivery (super saver)
we have got this iron and it is the best one ever and the wife should know as it is on every day and got through about 20:)
Got mine and wife happy (as much as she can be re an iron) although obviously early days. For £9.99 Comet offer 3 yr NO quibble guarantee which I declined but will probably take up within 30 days. In 2 3/4 years I would then get a new iron without any quibbling
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