Bosch Uneo 10.8LI-2 Cordless Hammer Drill £49.99 @ Argos

Bosch Uneo 10.8LI-2 Cordless Hammer Drill £49.99 @ Argos

Found 11th Sep 2017
Bosch UNEO Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer 10.8 LI-2 Baretool, best for hammer drilling, drilling and driving screws into wood, plaster, brick and concrete with ease (no battery or charger supplied).
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Review on Amazon, which I thought summed it up well (if you're able to get the correct battery for it):
"This second generation of UNEO from Bosch solves the single issue of the original by having a removable battery. Yes people complained that the Drill Bits are proprietary and can be difficult to obtain, but this design feature is its big selling point. A lightweight drill/driver that has the best hammer-action I've encountered on a drill of this size. It saves you from having to bring a separate hammer-action drill just for drilling into masonry, and for those of us who constantly have to attach numerous items to walls; blinds, curtain rails, cabinets etc. this drill is a dream. The ability to switch between bits at a moments notice without the addition of an adaptor is just fabulous. So stock up on your favourite sizes of masonry bits, get a second battery and enjoy."

Suitable bits for it: Bosch 2609256989 Uneo Mixed Set

If you want to use regular bits, you'll need this chuck adaptor: Bosch 2608572075 1/4" 1-10mm Keyless Chuck Adaptor (Suitable for UNEO)


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