Bosch X-Line Accessory Set, 50 Pieces - £10.99 ( Prime ) @ Amazon (DOTD)

Bosch X-Line Accessory Set, 50 Pieces - £10.99 ( Prime ) @ Amazon (DOTD)

Found 11th Dec 2017
Deal of the Day:£10.99
Large set featuring a wide range of accessories Ideal for most DIY drilling and screwdriving needs Can be used with all brands of drills (excluding SDS Rotary Hammers) Handy, durable, plastic case
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Good price, this was what I bought it at as part of cyber monday daily deal
Great I've waiting for them to put down again!
Got this and it’s decent although drill bits aren’t that durable
You get what you pay for with drill bits, if it's minor odd-jobs these are ok but for any heavy work forget it.
These are trash fine for softwood but nothing else.
Have one of these and well worth the 10 squids..

I am not a DIY'er but this is handy for odd jobs.
Good price. Only one bit has snapped in mine, had my use out of it.
Purchased couple of days back for 19.99
not very durable, but i guess this is what you pay for..
better get mkita set for 20 and have loads of bit drill etc.
Good price. Heat added.
Any one know of any heavy duty bits though?
Green bosch, better to go for blue bosh, buy cheap buy twice +
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Is this good quality?
I have the 70 piece set and has been great, used for all the house. Just wish I had a few more intermediate drill bits. No problem with the quality.
If doing a lot of diy better getting a load of cheap drill and treat them as disposible, so for woodworking get a 50 piece 1mm to 3mm for £2.13 with reviews no worse than the famous name ones...…-62
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Thank you for this. I have just ordered. I bought a new Bosch combi for £50 couple of weeks ago from Amazon and have been looking at the sets. I was about to order the 34 piece a couple of days ago for £10 so this a great deal. Cheers
I've had this set for a few years, its pretty good. I couple of drill bits have snapped, but at this price it's worth me ordering a second set.
Haven't been able to decide all day whether I want or need this set. Have most the bits already, but at this price I've decided to stop arguing with myself and I've ordered it. Handy as cheap spares. Heat added.
Get this deal drilled into you , I got it now I'm in bits
Useful thanks
I bought a similar set and was struggling to drill in a wall, until I checked the bit and it had warn smooth.

Check out the deWalt sets from screwfix much better and make jobs easier.
Is this Chinese tat with a Bosch badge?
These are rubbish
halap3n05 m ago

These are rubbish

Your comment is rubbish
The negative comments re some of these drill bits are bang on the money. I bought this set last year and the masonry bits are complete tosh, absolutely useless, half an inch into a red brick wall and I had to throw them out!
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