Bose Companion 3 Series 2 £169.99 @

Bose Companion 3 Series 2 £169.99 @

Found 4th Jan 2009
Please post if found cheaper below. The price does not seem to budge on these (as is the case with most Bose products... they are usually around £200 on the high street). Of course they sound amazing especially for a 2.1 setup. IMO Bose has always been the master of creating amazing incomparable 'BIG' sound from tiny satellite speakers.

Bose COMPANION3MKII Multimedia Companion Speaker Sys in Black/Silver
Proprietary TrueSpace® stereo signal processing circuitry
Creates a wide stereo soundstage designed for computer listening, enabling fuller enjoyment of music and other digital content.
Preassembled speakers/stands
Speaker arrays come fully assembled on stands for superb performance and more usable desktop space.
Compact ACOUSTIMASS® module
BOSE® technology delivers clean, deep low frequencies into the room and allows for small, elegant speakers without sacrificing performance. Hideaway module can be hidden almost anywhere in the listening area.
Control pod
Intuitive and convenient, this multi-function pod houses volume control, single-touch mute, headphone jack and connection for a second audio source such as an MP3 player.
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Good price, but as no money so I think ill stick with my creative 5.1 system.
I have an old creative 5.1 dolby digital setup ATM, I'm looking to replace it with something more compact (wires all over the place are annoying me)...really tempted by this...
i have one of these.. i have connexted to my TV the sound is really really good. you wont regret buying this. highly recommended
looking for BOSE Companion 5, multimedia speaker system the cheapest i found is £254.99…051
is there anywhere i can get cheaper...
That's the cheapest I've seen Companion 5 advertised for...looks like a good deal.
What do these do? What are they for?

I have a Bose system already. are these an add on for that?

Can I use my system for the same uses that these speakers would be used for??

the companion 5's are out of stock
No. These are not an add on for an existing speaker set up, it is a 2.1 (2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer) sound solution mainly for use with pcs and notebooks, but can also be used for other devices like ipods and anything with and audio output (3.5mm jack)... at least that is my understanding.
Thanks for that. So would they go straight in a telly?

I am after good sound for my laptop and wondered if I need to buy these or if I can use my existing Bose system and a piece of wire?
I think you can probably get away with running a cable out of your headphone jack in your laptop to your existing Bose set up.

RE: The Telly, I think it would depend on the telly...but most have a headphone jack (audio out) so I don't see why not.
I use mine with all audio devices, literally plugged it into the headphone out port on the TV!
Unrivalled sound! I've heard top of the range HiFi kit that sound this good, but with speakers 10 times bigger.
The staggering clarity and volume that this little thing produces is breathtaking, best £200 i've ever spent (yes, I paid ful price in Comet, just couldn't wait!)
although i've not heard these, i read a customer review on the 'Aego M' 2.1 speakers and they said that the Aego's at £80-£130 were much better than the Bose Companion 3. (google "bose companion 3 or aego m")

worth bearing in mind
The companion 5 connects via USB, why? Surely it is better to go through a sound card?
Hi, anyone know if this is still the best price for these?
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