Bose QC25 Android delivered from £185

Bose QC25 Android delivered from £185

Found 5th Apr 2016
This is for the rarely discounted Android version
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got a pair recently in the JohnLewis deal to replace an old pair of Goldring noise cancelling headphones whose plastic frame finally became unrepairable (cheap hard plastic even for joints)

supremely comfortable (can wear them all day really without any pain) and noise cancellation is excellent for low frequencies, higher frequencies (eg people speaking) not as good as lower but by far the berst noise cancellation ive tried - Not worth using really without noise cancellation on (sound quality not great) .. with noise cancellation on the sound quality is pretty decent (about the £100 level) but in combination with noise cancellation it is really excellent

Quality is excellent, far better than it looks in the pictures - super high quality plastics and metal hinges on joints, aluminium earcup backs etc.

its superannoying though that they dont include an android lead in the box as well as the iphone lead (i got the iphone version) and for the price they should really and as the poster says the android version is rarely discounted)

If you are going to use them in anything other than a quiet environment i think they are a good buy but if you have a quiet listening room there are far better sounding headphones out there for the money without noise cancellation

just ordered. 229 euro delivered to UK. Seems a good deal to me.
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