Bose Quiet Control 30 QC30 Wireless In-Ear Headphones  £229.95 @ Amazon

Bose Quiet Control 30 QC30 Wireless In-Ear Headphones £229.95 @ Amazon


Personally my ears can't stand the 'earbud' type of headphone, so these are out for me
However, I have got such good 'over the ear' noise cancelling headphones for over £200 pounds so I don't think this is an unreasonable price for good noise cancelling headphones. And these are also blutooth. But the revues are generally bad. Also it doesn't seem that they come with a convention blutooth to miniphono adapter, so they can't be used in aircraft, which is one of my main uses
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Heat from me. Best noise cancelling earphones Bose have produced and arguably the best on the market. Very comfortable as these don't go deep into you ear canal and yet still block out all sound.

Wish these had the on/off button the last gen had for noise cancellation rather than a volume type control.

I wear these everyday all day and would buy them again tomorrow if they were lost or broken.

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The usual price is 229.95. So no discount?

overpriced.....just got the jabra sport coach special editions brand new from the bay of eBay for 49.99.......really cool anc but really surprised how good the pnc is. The coaching app is brill.....battery life is just like all the other BT earbuds I have yourself 150quid.....really no need to spend 229quid on a pair of earbuds.....only my naff opinion...for what it's worth thanks for posting though.....I actually post nothing, so who am I to talk!!!!!!

although the sony mdr 100' fantasy cans......
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