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Posted 1 May 2024

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones - W/Code (My JL Members)

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Say hello to QuietComfort Ultra. Breakthrough spatialised audio for more immersive listening that makes your music feel realer than ever before – no matter the content or source. World-class noise cancellation and sound tailored to you. And a design that feels so good to wear. Say less, listen more.

Immersive audio. Feels more real
Bose Immersive Audio pushes the boundary of what it means to listen. It spatialises what you’re hearing by taking it out of your head and placing it in front of you – putting you in the acoustic sweet spot. Sound so real it’s almost like you can reach out and touch it? Yes, please. Say hello to the most natural listening experience.

World-class noise cancellation and sound shaped to you
The magic of CustomTune technology: it analyses your ears and adapts the sound and active noise cancelling to their unique shape. The result? World-class noise cancellation and sound that’s tailored to you. So you can dance harder, focus better, and hear your favourite song like it’s the first time all over again.

Modes for how you want to listen
When it’s time to tune in and jam out, use Quiet Mode to tap into world-class noise cancellation. But sometimes you need to pay attention. That’s why Aware Mode allows enough transparency to hear your surroundings or engage in conversation without removing an earbud. Immersion Mode engages full noise cancellation with Immersive Audio turned on.

High-quality earbuds for comfort and stability
While they’re designed for all ears, these earbuds are uniquely shaped to yours. And now it’s easier to swap between nine potential combinations of eartips and stability bands to help you find the right fit. The soft, umbrella-shaped tips seal off the opening of your ear to reduce outside noises. And stability bands hug the contours of your ears for a snug fit.

Go ahead, listen longer with up to 24 hours of total play time
QC Ultra Earbuds themselves give you up to 6 hours of listening time (up to 4 with Immersive Audio), while the included case holds up to three additional full charges. And when you’re short on time, pop the buds in the case and get up to 2 hours of music from just a 20-minute charge.

Crystal-clear, natural-sounding phone calls
No more “huh?” when you’re just trying to say “hello.” Noise-rejecting mics focus on your voice and filter out background noise for the clearest calls. They’ll play through both or a single earbud, whatever works for you.

Swipe, tap, touch to get into the music
Play or pause music, change the volume and switch tracks with simple touch controls right on the earbuds themselves. You can even answer calls
and cycle through modes, all without ever taking out your phone.

Stay connected with advanced Bluetooth 5.3
Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 offers a strong, continuous connection within 30 feet of your device.

Control everything through the Bose Music app
Take personalisation even further in the Bose Music app by creating a Custom Mode (such as combining Aware Mode and Immersive Audio) or using Adjustable EQ settings to dial in the sound. Control bass, mid-range and treble levels as you go. Or use the app to check battery life, customise a shortcut, and manage connected devices.

These True Wireless headphones are compatible with all smart devices with Bluetooth, including from Apple, Samsung and Google, and other Android smart phone brands.
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  1. stuellis's avatar
    I have these and they are excellent ANC and sound quality for a wireless earbud.

    I occasionally get a problem where 1 earbud doesn’t connect and I have to put them back in the case and take them out again to get them both working. This probably happens about once a week and I use them a lot. I have however seen a lot of people reporting far worse connection issues, see far more on the audio channels on Reddit about these than any others. Bose seem good at replacing them but I wonder if this is driving the price down.
    dj_stephenson's avatar
    I get very similar about once a week but it seems more like the one side doesn't have the anc enabled whick means I can hear everything around me through the one ear. Putting them both back in the case and then taking them out again fixes it.
  2. Blazzz's avatar
    Quidco 4%
  3. dj_stephenson's avatar
    Excellent price for these. I use mine multiple times every day for total of 1.5 hours and have to charge them maybe once a month.
    The only thing I don't like is occasionally I notice the background hiss especially when listening to podcasts on low volume. Apart from that they are amazing.
  4. Tbalboa's avatar
    Whats the call quality like on these?
    LC46's avatar
    Not good at all, in my opinion it’s the only thing that lets these down.
  5. Gary_R's avatar
    I've had a pair of these for a few months and they're brilliant. Had a pair of cheaper Sony C700N and this is infinitely better.

    Have them in all day in the office and they block out everything. I wore them when mowing the lawn and couldn't even hear the mower anymore!
  6. superjel's avatar
    Any good for running? Sweat proof etc?
    pickle_supreme's avatar
    They are Runner’s World top choice, so I would hope so. Just got a pair for running and daily commute, so will see.
  7. RythmDivine's avatar
    I got me some nagging stopper. I am officially wife-proof. Once this bad boy is in my ear and i am covering my head with a hood so she won't see it, God is good. Have some heat OP. (edited)
  8. hiccup999's avatar
    Good price
  9. TinXpH's avatar
    Anyone knows who these are being discounted?

    New model incoming?
    Naqvi's avatar
    They were just released so no. Probably to increase sales.
  10. pickle_supreme's avatar
    Excellent price for these. RRP is £300 if I’m not mistaken, and their ANC is still the best in the market.
  11. coolstar's avatar
    I have these. Noise cancellation and sound quality is amazing
  12. daedos's avatar
    Very good price for the Ultras
  13. ade457's avatar
    A serious question, could you sleep in these ie block out snoring ( they look quite big) Worth every penny if you could but I don’t really want to drop £200 on another set of headphones if they don’t as that’s all these will before tbh tia
  14. dazg23's avatar
    how do these compare to QC35's?
  15. Treeboy1969's avatar
    Just ordered a set. Let's hope they live up to the hype
  16. ppsie's avatar
  17. kevin73's avatar
    Thanks Got them for £152 using All4one gift cards from complete savings
    Blazzz's avatar
    Please explain this.
's avatar