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Posted 16 September 2022

Bose Sleepbuds 2 with alarm - £189.95 at Bose Shop

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Everyday stress. Snoring. Noisy neighbours. There’s plenty that keeps you awake. Introducing Sleepbuds™ II. Tiny and comfortable, Sleepbuds™ work with the Bose Sleep app to deliver relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep, and use Bose noise masking technology so you stay asleep all night.

This product comes directly from the Bose website, meaning that you can trial the product for up to 90 days, if they're not to your taste you can send them back for a full refund! Perfect for people who are deciding whether these sleepbuds are for them.

Finally, get this product through TopCashBack and receive a further 7% off the listed price of £189.95, bringing the price down to £176.65.
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    Had the first version, returned them for a full refund. Your brain soon picked up where the short audio tracked ended and looped back to the start again. Couldn't sleep because of that as I was just lying there waiting for the loop They also didn't do a good job at blocking the sound of my partner snoring, unlike a good set of ear plugs.

    Hopefully they've fixed that in this model, but worth double checking. (edited)
    Thanks for answer for my question, I found somewhare these sounds files on XDA or somewhere else, and I was shocked, the audio files are short and just looped...
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    Had these. Couldn’t get comfortable. Didn’t eliminate external noise. Returned for refund.
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    Love the theory behind these. Not sure about adding 8 hours of Bluetooth to my brain per day (additional to all the electronics I use all day also). An ethernet Sonos 1 in the room will provide rain storm sounds just as well
    Yes - also not too sure about having buds in my ears all night due to not being good for the buildup of wax although sometimes wear ear plugs if trying to sleep in a noisy location.
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    If anyones looking for headphones that are comfortable while you sleep, the sleep headbands are very comfy and allow you to play your own music. Something like this.

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    Refurbished direct from Bose are £155 + 15% Amex statement credit if you have that
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    I'm in the market for something like this, but couldn't a cheaper pair of normal BT ear buds do the same thing?

    Plenty of apps that have calming sounds that you could play overnight.

    Seems like a lot of money for something so specific. I would at least want to use the buds for music as well.

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    I've never used them, but it looks like they are not just BT earbuds.

    They won't play any audio that doesn't come from it's app, so no random noises or notifications will wake you during the night, and it can play an alarm through the earbuds to wake you
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    Rip off as the AirPods Pro you can easily sleep with them in yours ears!
    Not comfortably. At least not for me. I always sleep on my side and they are not comfortable at all with the weight of my head pressed against them. Plus I'm sure they'd come out during the night if I was able to sleep with them.
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    On my fourth set now - each time replaced by Bose due to battery issues. Cannot sleep without them. So comfortable, not to be confused with earphones...
    Same. Can’t fault Bose customer service. Wear mine every night. Alarm goes off in ear too. No problems with ears. Sleep on my side but use a feather pillow to mould around for comfort. Had to wait two weeks for replacement so used a headband/mask with iPhone white noise in settings in accessibility and it was ok but woke up with it all over the place all night and it made me sweat. Bose ear buds arrived yesterday and slept the best. Amazing piece of kit in my opinion. Getting a second pair as a back up.
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    I had the original version of these and they were great until they packed up, and discontinued by Bose! Can’t believe it’s taken them so long to get them back out
    Bose offered a free replacement for the original sleep buds to this version (possibly still do as I swapped a few months ago).
    Just a heads up for anyone who still have a faulty set.
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    Ordered thanks op. Sb code takes it down to £164.95
    SB code?
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    I had these and they caused me ear pain when sleeping. Not as comfortable as you'd expect from sleep buds
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    At first I read sheepbuds. Just saying. Gap in the market?
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    Wow… there are so many different headsets you can buy, companies our day’s run fantastic marketing campaigns to make us believe we need all of that
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    I bought these at the end of last year to help combat a snoring partner and found they worked really well. They don't block out all noise, but they certainly improve so I'm no longer kept awake.

    Yes they're limited to only playing the various sleep sounds meaning they're quite a niche product, but if you have noise problems at night they can be very helpful.

    Ordering them direct also provides you a risk free 90 day trial so if you're unsure about them, it may be worth paying the extra to get that.
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    Just to say these things absolutely changed my partners life. We had a lot of neighbour noise that stressed her out - these almost completely resolved it for her. Cant recommend them highly enough. I guess everyone has different ears, but shes been wearing them comfortably for a few years (I think both V1s and V2s.)
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    If these work, ie are comfortable to sleep in and mask/block the sounds of snoring they would be will worth the price. However, having seen other comments I suspect that's not the case. But I'm impressed that they let us try them and will give full refunds if not satisfied, so there's nothing to lose. Heat added.