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Bose Smart Soundbar 600 Dolby Atmos with Alexa Built-In, Bluetooth connectivity – Black

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£500 from the Amazon.co.uk store. Will be cheaper if you use a fee free card. In my experience you tend to get the import duty back after a few months, which could mean you will end up paying just north of £250.

Worth noting that it will probably come with an EU plug.

  • FULL IMMERSION FOR ALL ENTERTAINMENT: Smart Soundbar 600 is a Dolby Atmos soundbar that also features proprietary TrueSpace technology and two upward firing transducers to deliver shockingly immersive sound for all your movies, TV shows, and music.
  • TRUESPACE ELEVATES IT ALL: No matter what you’re watching, Bose TrueSpace technology intelligently analyzes signals other than Dolby Atmos, like stereo or 5.1, and upmixes them to create an immersive multi-channel sound experience.
  • PACKED WITH TECHNOLOGY: The acoustic architecture squeezes 5 speakers (including 2 upward firing) into a small, 27.5” wide soundbar to spread sound across the room: horizontally left and right, forward, and overhead.
  • WIRELESS SOUNDBAR FOR STREAMING: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast built-in compatibility let you stream content anyway you want.
  • TOTAL CONTROL: Amazon Alexa voice control is built in. Or you can access Works With Google Assistant capabilities with a compatible Google device. There’s also the included remote control and the Bose Music app for quick access to your music.
  • VOICE CONTROL SOUNDBAR: Exclusive Voice4Video technology expands your Alexa voice capabilities like only a Bose soundbar can. In addition to your Bose smart soundbar, you can control your TV and cable/satellite box with just your voice.
  • ONE APP FOR SETUP AND MORE: HDMI eARC/ARC and optical audio cables are included. Connect one to your TV and the app walks you through setup. The app also lets you manage voice control, Bose Wi-fi enabled products, update software, and more.
  • BOSE SIMPLESYNC TECHNOLOGY: SimpleSync pairs your Bose Smart Soundbar 600 to compatible Bose products for sound that follows you from room to room. Away from your phone? Press and hold the Bluetooth button on each device to sync their sound. Already got a group going? Link by pressing the Action button to connect at a moment’s notice.
Amazon Germany More details at

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  1. heedrick's avatar
    Do yourself a favour and get the Samsung q930c series or something like it instead, soo soo much better. I bought both and wanted to keep the Bose but the Samsung was in a different league. (edited)
    Jonnyblock's avatar
    A different league in price too.
  2. ecraigy's avatar
    Good find! This is a great bit of kit for this price point.
    more money will net you better equipment, though.
    Sonos Beam would be the preferred candidate if you want something of this physical size , and offers you a better array of add on items within the Sonos ecosystem. (edited)
    vegeta89's avatar
    Beam is overpriced portable speaker and Beam 2 price is a joke when it's essentially the same but with a fake ATMOS label on the box. At least this has real ATMOS with upward speakers

    Then if you want to expand your system, Samsungs 930 or 990 series can be had for less than the Sonos sub.
  3. boostii's avatar
    I have limited experience of a similar all in one Bose soundbar, it is quite good for movies but struggles with clarity when watching TV shows or listening to music. You can go round in circles tweaking the settings but nothing is quite right and the improvement over the TVs onboard speakers is not as night and day as expected.
  4. Herniol's avatar
    Good bit of kit, but built in Alexa is trash. Also it pulled a dirty on me a couple of times in the middle of the night going full volume for no reason.
    john_n3MU's avatar
    did you roll onto a remote in sleep,,,,,i do,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Roph's avatar
    Friends don't let friends buy bose
    vegeta89's avatar
    Or Sonos
  6. john_n3MU's avatar
    reviews are not good enough to justify buying it.........a mistake I made with SONOS beam junk.....sorry OP.
    mechanicalman's avatar
    No offence taken. Most places I looked at gave it 4/5. Plus they were reviewing it at £500, not the £250 it will likely cost.
  7. Belsi's avatar
    Random thread highjack but related.

    I've bought a second hand majority sierra off eBay as it was a good price.

    i realise my tv is a limiting factor as its a arc 2017 Samsung mu7000. When I play YouTube on the Samsung app the sound says it’s Dolby surround.

    when I use YouTube on nvidia shield plugged directly into the soundbar it does not display it (plus other apps) and the same song on same settings /volume does not sound as good as Samsung app.

    anyone know what settings to change on the shield?52788850-t5WJw.jpg52788850-i6GL6.jpg
    john_n3MU's avatar
    this should be available online if you haven't yet tried........good luck. (Auto formats look good option followed by a reboot..? - but I do not have similar system)
  8. normal's avatar
    Great price! Cheapest price it's been on Amazon across Europe

  9. TechNinja's avatar
    Does anyone has experience with this model, I'm looking for a sound bar to go with my new lg g3 oled that I just purchased
  10. Fazz_99's avatar
    Link does not work or no longer available
    mechanicalman's avatar
    You are quite right. I have expired.
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