Bose Soundsport earphones at £39.99 Argos charcoal audio only

Bose Soundsport earphones at £39.99 Argos charcoal audio only

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Bose soundsport audio only headphones

Reduced from £79.99 to £39.99 at Argos


same price on amazon

oos on Amazon but you can try to preorder for apple or android control versions for same price

Yeah but the Amazon deal is a club only offer and not general public sale.

Back to normal price now

still 39.99 on amazon for the android / Samsung control version. Expedited delivery on Friday

are these good?

If u can afford it, go for the QC20's! They are Unbelievable!


Just ordered, picking up tomorrow, heat added!

These charcoal ones sound a bit too crisp for me.

This was posted. And this is audiio only version on Amazon was full version.

All gone it seems, price back up

They are quite good. For IPhone users I would recommend using Tidal streaming service as audio quality much higher than Apple Music & Spotify. You will then see a distinct difference in audio quality with these earphones
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thanks OP. picked some up in Hexham yesterday. loving them

Reduced again


same price on amazon

​Only prime members least time I checked on amazon.

These are now back at full price. They've been slowly creeping up all week so I think they may be back in the sale again soon.
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