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BossLadyShip and other free Kindle ebooks @ Amazon
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BossLadyShip and other free Kindle ebooks @ Amazon

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149° Expired
BossLadyShip and other free Kindle ebooks @ Amazon
Posted 21st Apr 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Hey, lovely people! Just popping on here to share some free books that look really awesome that I found when scrolling on Amazon this morning. You’re welcome in advance, because some of these look like potential new favourites!

“BossLadyShip: Color Me a #BossLady” by Dr. Sue Speaks
This is the one I’m probably most excited about. This is a compendium-slash-business-guide by Dr. Sue Speaks, a black woman who’s worked (and been very successful!) in Corporate America for years. She apparently talks through the experiences she’s had in the work sphere due to her race and how she’s navigated them, as well as the lessons she’s learned and the tips she has for those looking to either climb the career ladder or start their own business—advice I think everyone needs in a post-COVID world! This book honestly sounds like a gold mine of all the information and guidance I need right now.

Near Youby Mary Burton
From what I can gather by the blurb, this is a murder mystery involving the deaths of two women who were set on fire. (Pretty gruesome.) I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery and police investigation, never mind one where the protagonist has a history with the killer. (The book is in the ‘Romantic Suspense’ category on Amazon, so this is just speculation, but one can dream!) Excited to dive into this one.

“Some Days” by María Wernicke
I can already tell this one is going to be a tear-jerker. This is one I’ll be reading with my three-year-old (it’s a picture book), but something tells me it’ll maybe accidentally-on-purpose wind up on my own shelves! The author is an Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominee and the storyline sounds super touching. I reckon this is definitely not one to miss.

“A Single Swallow” by Zhang Ling
This one’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m definitely pulled in regardless. I tend to shy away from war-based fiction (just really isn’t my cup of tea), but this novel seems more based on the relationships and humanity present both during and after wartime than the actual politics of war. Whether I end up liking it or not, I’ll be saving a fiver by getting it while the Kindle version’s free!

“At the End of the Matinee” by Keiichiro Hirano
This book has one of my favourite tropes ever: two soulmates who are born to be together meet, but life constantly postpones their inevitable relationship. This book honestly sounds so sweet and heart-warming, and, of course, it’s free on Kindle at the moment—whoop, whoop!

Hoping this helps! Enjoy!
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