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Bostik Blu Tack Pink, Multipurpose Reusable Adhesive - 84p @ Amazon

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Seems decent!

Update - Still available with a slightly longer delivery time - amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1
Got to other sellers if you're not seeing an 84p option

The pink version of the iconic reusable adhesive that can be found in homes, offices and schools throughout the UK and beyond. With its multitude of uses, or #BluHacks, that make life that little bit easier, it's no wonder this multipurpose adhesive has become a household favourite. Whether it’s to hold up posters and party decorations, fix wobbly tables, clean fluff from fabric and dirt from keyboards, or to create artistic moulds and models, there's no end to the many uses of Bostik Blu Tack. Blu Tack is clean, safe, easy to use and is UKCA and CE approved.

Suitable uses and materials
Some of the many suitable uses for Bostik Blu Tack include: sticking up posters, removing fluff from clothes, holding cables in place, hiding things in cupboards, fixing wobbly tables, cleaning keyboards, creating artistic moulds and models, and much more. Blu Tack performs best on non-porous surfaces e.g. painted surfaces, glass, metal etc.

  • Bostik Blu Tack Pink
  • The original reusable adhesive – in pink!
  • An ideal alternative to sticky tape and drawing pins
  • Over a thousand uses, or #BluHacks
  • Clean, safe and easy to use - UKCA and CE approved
  • Made in Britain for over 50 years

Hope it helps you
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    So kids... Who'd like some bubble gum?
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    Is this supposed to be better to the original blue one?
    The blue one will not stick to the paint, but it will leave a light mark on the wall. (edited)
    I had that problem too. Make sure the surface is perfectly clean first. You can do that with a little bit of sticky tape, put it where you want the Tack to go, peel it off to remove whatever's on the surface (but hopefully not the paint), repeat if necessary with a new bit of tape until it comes off clean. From what you've described it sounds to me like there's maybe something like dust on the wall, the Blu Tack sticks to that dust rather than the actual surface, the dust comes away from the wall and the Blu Tack falls off along with whatever it was you were putting up, and what's left behind is a patch which looks lighter because the dust isn't on that bit any more.
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    £2.69 here, what am I doing wrong?
    Try going to other sellers. Still 84p for me
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    Here Sellotape Sellotac Sticky Tack for Home & Office, Reusable Blue Tack Adhesive, Stationery, Craft & Office Supplies, Poster Putty to hang Photos, Cards & More, 1 x 45g

    An alternative @ 86 p but through subscribe and save so no need for an Amazon Prime subscription although 45 grams versus 60 grams for the Bostik!?
    Min order 2
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    I bought tonnes of this stuff a few months ago but do you think I can find it now?! 😡 anyways, thank you - heat added
    Happens all the time to me too - Thanks mate!
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    Great deal this should go hot!
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    Thank you
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    For any arty types, Blu Tack is pretty much the best kneadable eraser you'll ever find.
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    Perfect, thanks for posting.
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    Thanks Op, ordered
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    Over a thousand uses - name em?
    So, you want us to tell you where to stick it?
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    Its charging me £19.99 for delivery… i have prime too?!
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    White is 41p (possibly 37p) min order 2
    Seller will charge like £20 for delivery
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    So it's exactly the same as the non-pink version?