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Bottom: Series 1 - 3 [DVD] (Used) - £3.64 Delivered With Codes @ World of Books

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Every episode of the BBC comedy from all three series of the anarchic, violent sitcom, following the fortunes of Richie Richard (Rik Mayall) and Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson), two grotesque losers living in a squalid flat in London and trying to make sense of their pointless existence.

Series 1 episodes are: 'Smells', 'Gas', 'Contest', 'Apocalypse', ''S Up' and 'Accident'.
Series 2 episodes are: 'Digger', 'Culture', 'Burglary', 'Parade', 'Holy' and ''S Out'.
Series 3 episodes are: 'Hole', 'Terror', 'Break', 'Dough', 'Finger' and 'Carnival'.
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    GAS MAN!!!
    Do you have someone that looks after you?
  2. Avatar
    Half past 8 and all's cr*p!!
  3. Avatar
    Voted hot but not as hot as Sprouts Mexicane.
  4. Avatar
    A wazzo pair of jugs
  5. Avatar
    I would dearly love them to re-master this into HD like they’ve done with the Young Ones.

    Also I strongly recommend having a look on Etsy for Bottom/Young Ones/Filthy, Rich & Catflap unofficial merchandise as there’s some really great stuff on there.

    Very tempted to order a “Scumbag College” t-shirt!
    Personally, I don't think there's much of an improvement with putting this on Blu-ray as it was filmed on tape as opposed to film, so there's not much of a resolution increase.

    From what I've seen of the Red Dwarf Blu-rays, they only look magically better. The Young Ones does have some outside segments that were shot on film, so those little pieces look fantastic.
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    I adore this series. Watch it often. One of my favourites is 'burglary'

    "Eddie do you want to be skinned alive and buggered?!"

    (Points gun at Richie)


    "Eddie, I think there's someone in the drawing room"

    "I don't think I've been in there, you mean we've got a room just for drawing in?"

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    We're very firm on the jugs....
    And the jugs have to be very firm
  8. Avatar
    "Eddie Hitler"

    "Any Relation Ha Ha"


  9. Avatar
    Chocolate Hobnob
  10. Avatar
    Great minds an all that.. i was looking at this earlier and thinking of posting it
  11. Avatar
    I’d love to get the uncut version of “Apocalypse” but it was only ever broadcast once before the “Yobbo” edit was made so it’s unlikely that anyone has it.
    What was in the uncut version?
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    Slap up grill for two!
  13. Avatar
    Glorious creation from the irreplaceable Dr The Rik Mayall and Edward Elizabeth Hitler. 
    as yes, as reference from someone earlier, try and source Filthy Rich and Catflap… I think that even gives Bottom a run for it’s money, it’s dated a little but epic funny and absolutely bonkers 
    I've got Filthy, Rich and Catflap as well. I've got basically everything Rik and Ade have ever done on my NAS drive, right back to The Dangerous Brothers and even Mr Jolly Lives Next Door.

    Was lucky enough to be on the ball on YouTube a few years back when I found that someone had uploaded the fully uncut version of the final episode, complete with the full "Consider Yourself" song so that "made it's way into my collection" .. *cough*

    Brilliant show.
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    £7.49 for me?