Bottom The Complete Series 1-3 DVD Set - £20.99 (free delivery) @ Zavvi
Bottom  The Complete Series 1-3 DVD Set - £20.99 (free delivery) @ Zavvi

Bottom The Complete Series 1-3 DVD Set - £20.99 (free delivery) @ Zavvi

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You can buy this direct from the BBC shop at the same price, but they charge for delivery, so this is a real steal for a major online retailer and especially for Zavvi. And if anybody knows any Zavvi codes, don't hesitate to mention them!!

Bottom Series 1:
Introducing Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler...two more sniveling, vicious, perverted, foul-smelling, sad gits you couldn't wish to meet. They're broke (they've got £11.80 to last them two months and Eddie's spent most of that on a second hand copy of Parade magazine), miserable and the opposite sex find them repellent. Life taunts them with a never-fulfilled promise of money, easy women and a good time, and in return they spew back toilet humour, wildly-imaginative abuse, cartoon-violence and doomed-to-failure schemes to 'do it' with a real woman.
Episodes Include: Smells, Gas, Contest, Apocalypse, Bottom's Up and Accident.

Bottom Series 2:
They're two revolting sad pervies...and they're back with six more episodes of depravity. Will Eddie fulfill a lifetime ambition and have sex - with a woman? Has Richie really spent the rent money at an organ enhancement clinic? And can the destructive duo survive in the wilds of Wimbledon Common?
Episodes Include: Digger, Parade, Burglary, Culture, Holy and 'S Out

Bottom Series 3:
The depraved duo, Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler, return for six more revolting doses of sex, smells and spite. This particular collection of the usual sexual despair, over-the-top violence and imaginative abuse finds our "saddoes" trapped at the top of a big wheel; trick or treating with a cattle prod; attempting self-liposuction with the help of a vacuum cleaner; consulting encyclopaedias in the toilet at a pub quiz; on a honeymoon break in Wolverhampton and in the best seats of the house for the annual Hammersmith riots...
Episodes Include: Hole, Terror, Break, Dough, Finger and Carnival


You can buy them separately for £6.75 each at BlahDVD - £20.25. Plus 8% Quidco - no Quidco from Zavvi!

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