Bourjois Paris Shower Gel @PoundLand

Bourjois Paris Shower Gel @PoundLand

Found 11th Feb
Hey guys,

I saw this and i thought it was interesting for a branded product. It has castor oil in it which I thought was great. It says " ideal for shaving" so added bonus for quick shave and wash I personally like it for its hydration factor.
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They had some in the barking store picked one up to try out.
Argyle Street, Glasgow has Bourjois Shower Sweet Summer Shower Oil, Sunny Vanilla Fragrance, 250ml:33465365-z9LVh.jpg"Shower Oils" sound nice (there are also Right Guard Shower Oils on those shelves - 20% Extra Free = 300ml) - think they'd be better for dry skin (my skin's getting drier as I get older!!).
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