Bourne Ultimatum DVD - Amazon £2.99
Bourne Ultimatum DVD - Amazon £2.99

Bourne Ultimatum DVD - Amazon £2.99

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There’s no getting around it: there was simply no better summer blockbuster in 2007 than the astonishing The Bourne Ultimatum.

It’s a film that defies expectations in many ways. Firstly, it’s a third entry in a trilogy that by some distance in the best in an already-compelling franchise. Secondly, whenThe Bourne Ultimatum kickstarts with a ferocious energy and pace, you sit there and rightly expect it not to keep the momentum going. But it does. And does it astonishingly well. Just witness the breathless sequence through Waterloo Station, convince yourself that the film has peaked then, then go and watch them top it later on in the movie.

The film itself has many trump cards, not least its leading man. Matt Damon fits the character of reluctant lead Jason Bourne perfectly, but the trick is to give him some excellent supporting players to work against. Thus, The Bourne Ultimatum also stars the excellent pair of David Straitharn and a returning Joan Allen, along with Albert Finney, Paddy Considine and Julia Stiles too.

But the hidden hero of The Bourne Ultimatum is director Paul Greengrass. Arguably one of the most interesting and talented directors working today (he was rightly Oscar-nominated for his haunting United 93), Greengrass has fashioned a genuinely thrilling action thriller, that bursts with an energy and relentlessness that you simply have no right to expect. That he also managed to wrap up the story Jason Bourne’s quest for his identity in the midst of it is all the more astonishing.

A terrific end to an already-impressive trilogy, there’s little else ot say about The Bourne Ultimatum, which is simply a near flawless piece of blockbuster entertainment. Put simply: don’t miss this movie. --Simon Brew
Special Features
Man on the Move: Jason Bourne New York Chase Planning the Punches Rooftop Pursuit


Great film - great price - Heat!

Why would I want to get around it? I'm not keen to enter into a debate with you about the highest grossing movies of summer 2007.

Hmm. Methinks I have missed the point. Hot.

Great movie at a good price. Heat added.

Save £3 by watching it on ITV2 on Wednesday 12 January at 9pm.


Save £3 by watching it on ITV2 on Wednesday 12 January at 9pm.

Well said!

Original Poster Banned


Well said!

How very, very sad


How very, very sad

What for saving £3 and sky plus it!
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