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Bowfinger - Blu-ray £5.99 @ Amazon

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How does Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin), Hollywoods least successful director, get Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), Hollywood s biggest star, in his ultra low-budget film?
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    great film
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    Very underrated comedy
    Saw it in Leicester Square when on holiday years ago. Excellent film.
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    Brilliant movie, so so funny. Ha ha I’m laughing just thinking of the scene where he has to run across the freeway
    That was brilliant... Swear to god production crew just told Eddie Murphy to run across the freeway as a dare and see what happens 
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    Not seen it for ages.
    I remember it being quality though. (edited)
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    The dog in the heels and gonna get the best crew money can buy scenes are brilliant

    Free on the peacock app for sky subs (edited)
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    Chubby rain... The best movie never made
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    Definitely one of my most favourite films ever. So stupid, so funny, so brilliant. I’m stuck with streaming as no means of playing discs now or I’d have bought this.
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    this is a classic
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    Steve Martin needs to make Fake Purse Ninjas for real.