Bowling For Columbine: Special Edition (2 DVD Set) - £2.99 delivered @ CD-WOW !
Bowling For Columbine: Special Edition (2 DVD Set) - £2.99 delivered @ CD-WOW !

Bowling For Columbine: Special Edition (2 DVD Set) - £2.99 delivered @ CD-WOW !

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Academy Award Winner in the Best Documentary Category 2003.

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A superb and controversial documentary by Michael Moore tackling the subject of gun control in the USA. The subject matter is a political hot potato in the US, due to the 'right to bare arms' being enshrined in the constitution.Moore focuses on the shootings at Columbine High School and the killing of a six year old by another near his hometown of Flint, Michigan.Moore interviews the store manager at K-Mart, where the Columbine attackers bought their ammunition, and controverial rock icon Marilyn Manson, whose views have been acclaimed in this documentary, against the backdrop of political soundbites from the National Rifle Association of America and Charlton Heston.Moores argues for accountability by those who support unrestricted gun sales in America, and destroys all arguments supporting the use of firearms....leaving the audience wondering why do Americans kill each other more often then any other populance of a democratic nation.


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I thought this was very good considering the sad event it is based on.

very good price

i bought this from CEX for the same price but of course that was preowned

Right to bare arms eh? Damn right that should be enshrined in the constitution. It gets hot over there.

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people".
"Yeah, but the guns help don't they?"

Good film, I wish we could buy guns over here from a bank!

good price for most DVDs, just not this one.

Waste of a good blank DVD and case.

A biased and poor film.....sorry.

Might be worth watching but don't take it too seriously (oh and I don't condone gun use but I do admire a good well balanced documentary - this wasn't).
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