Bowmore Vaults Edition 1  Whisky 70 cl £36.61 with Amazon Prime

Bowmore Vaults Edition 1 Whisky 70 cl £36.61 with Amazon Prime

Found 5th Dec 2016
Seems like a good price. Currently not in stock - which is much like the Laphroaig Quarter Casks last week - order and wait for a nice bottle to turn up.
This seems like it might be a decent deal. There's another listing for it which is at £99 (same thing happened with the Laphroaig, too), which seems to be around the going price.
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Price: £36.61 (£52.30 / l) Delivery at no extra cost for Prime members once available
Temporarily out of stock.
Heat from me, looks a decent bottle and cheap in comparison to everywhere else.
Delivery is free with or without Prime!
I think that Amazon may have made a mistake and that there's a good chance they'll send the wrong product. I've had this happen a few times.
The product is described as having 40% alcohol, as an example.

Amazon's ASIN for this: B01MTLLKON gets zero Google results too.
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Can't purchase this anymore, changed to "email me when available" now. :-(
Description is for Auchentoshan 18 so appears to be an error.... may get a discount voucher if they don't honour the sale (as they did for the HP)
The going rate from the main whisky specialists for this is around £100 give or take a few pennies and it is a fairly recent release so quite possibly a pricing error
Doesn't show Amazon as a seller any more
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Mines preparing for dispatch, due Tuesday. Good luck to anyone else that ordered. If it really does arrive I'll be pretty happy!
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Dispatched! All these whisky/whiskey/bourbon deals are going to mean a very merry Christmas!
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It just arrived!
Mine arrived last night. Many thanks OP. A hundred pound whisky for less than £37. Thanks Amazon for honouring it.
Mine on its way!
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