Box of 11 White Wall Tiles for £1 @ Poundland INSTORE

Box of 11 White Wall Tiles for £1 @ Poundland INSTORE

LocalFound 1st Feb 2009
Square white ceramic standard size.....
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Ahem.... There is no STANDARD SIZE for a tile.

More often than not, cheap tiles are dreadful quality. If you've go no cutting to do, they're probably OK, but try to cut a shape out (say to go around a pipe or socket) and you'll break plenty.
11? Are these for people who still can't decide whether to go metric or not? Voted hot anyway.
Good cheap alternative to smashing plates if your Greek.......only a thought.....:whistling:
When I changed my shower unit last year I needed about 6 white tiles as the new unit was smaller than the old one. Focus DIY were doing a pack of 44 white tiles (in their equivalent of a "value" line) for £1.70. It was far cheaper than a pack of 10 of their normal tiles. Apart from being a little thinner than the existing tiles I had no problems with them. Don't know if they still do them at that price - maybe someone can confirm ?
Are they 6x6 or 8x8 or what?

I have bathroom with a north facing window i need to tile - so white would be perfect - but the larger the tiles the easier the job I find.
I bought a box for my mate (to go around a new shower unit)
They were rectangular, 6" x 5" i'd estimate
Never seen that size ever!
i love the poundland i went yesterday and if you spent £15 you got a russell hobbs coffee and tea maker(thermal cups) or a small grill for £1 what a bargain.
Stratford store i think this is because the 99p shop ha just opened up a few doors away and it was packed out and pooundlad was empty, oh well more bargains for me lol.
They also have certain wallpapers in some poundlands which cost around £10 a roll in B&Q.
B&Q sell a pack of 44 for £4.58. 6"x6" Good quality too.
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