Box of 42 Ferrero Rocher half price - £5 on store at Tesco

Box of 42 Ferrero Rocher half price - £5 on store at Tesco

Found 3rd Jan 2017
reduced to £5 with the seasonal confectionery
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Nice! Ill have to check out my local store
Not in my local stores, Rossendale, Lancs
Lee Mill had at least 70 - 80 boxes on the shelf's
Sounds a bit of a tricky deal this one, on store hmmmm the one nearest me is a pretty tall building
The same price in my local
None in my local tescos I'll try the bigger tescos near me over the weekend.
Which Tesco did you buy them from
Quiet few left in Seacroft Tesco extra
Got in irvine this afternoon
Hucknall had the variety box for £5 so some of the white, dark original etc in a big tray box as shown.
Just got some of the few remaining in Newcastle, cheers op, heat added.
Also had massive (600g) boxes of Lindt Lindor chocs for a fiver as well so got some of them to also go in my belly.
whats the normal retail price for these?
Gateshead have loads in one of the yellow crate things in the middle of the aisle - still priced up at £10 but scanning at £5 if it helps anyone
not in Colchester, might be june before the local Tesco reduces
got mine from Scunthorpe last night!

Had original and the different flavour ones
Got some yesterday, mixed flavor ones, Tesco Rotherham. They also had those giant Lind balls for £5.
Got the mixed box last night. Found in Great Yarmouth store.

Had the giant Lindt for £5 too but passed on that
Thanks will try and pop in today!
Overpriced crap choc that sells on name alone. Even at this price makes them almost 12p each... couple bites and it's gone. Guess what the chocolate content is in each?

Nah. Cold. 
Hot if you normally buy this over-rated, over-priced glitter.
Plenty left in Doncaster (Tesco Extra Balby) bought one myself for a birthday gift, on a separate stand near the pharmacy counter.
They had loads in Eastbourne yesterday. I brought a box and hid it in my secret chocolate draw so my husband can't find them
Carmarthen store has 7 boxes with 6 trays in each.
Many thanks to the OP
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